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  1. Exterior Lighting
    looking for the best HID off roading lights for the money, looked at KC, PIAA, HELLA, and EAGLE EYE. so far eagle eye has the best. i can get 2, 6in HID50w lights 320$ . looking if anyone can beat that> would help alot meaning as i riped off those other lights >:( thanks guys
  2. Exterior Lighting
    Im about to buy some off road lights and have pretty much settled on either the Hella 500ff's or the 700ff's. Are the 700's that much brighter? Im mounting them on the front bumper in front of of the grille.. Let me know what you think?? :baseball-big:
  3. Member's Xterras
    Now that I have most of my pictures from my old computer.. I guess I can make one of these. Well it all started off in March of 2009, with this bone stock 2004 XE Then after adding stickers, my first mod was the Yakima LoadWarrior I decided to test out what the X could do, and took it...
  4. Modification Questions
    ok well i want to get hella ff75's for lights and while i was browsing the net i came across this... i loved the way he had it set up and i like the locking top for the roof bin even without the lights, but i cant find that top anywhere, has...
  5. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I was too impatient to wait for any aftermarket light bar for the bumper area of the Gen 1 so I decided to build one myself. This write-up is picture heavy to help everyone see what I did so that you can get ideas to build this even better. Here it is.... I started out with an idea of mounting...
1-5 of 5 Results