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  1. Heater/AC fan not blowing air

    Repair Questions
    Hello, So i have a 2002 Xterra SE SC 4X4 the heater/ac fan is not blowing any air. This started about a year ago with it blowing 90% of the time then slowly over time not working at all. When the heat is on, it does get hot and the a/c it gets cold but there is no air actually blowing. I do...
  2. 03 Xterra XE leaking coolant

    Repair Questions
    I have been noticing a small drip of coolant under my truck for a few days but today there was a puddle! I used my heater this morning and after shutting the truck off for an hour or so there was a puddle underneath by the front cross member. I am assuming it is outside the firewall as I...
  3. Wont Idle in Cold

    Repair Questions
    Hello i have a 2002 gen 1 3.3 and when i start it no it wont crank without a little gas and will not idle above 500 for at least 10 - 20 minutes until finally the temperature heats up. It didn't used to be like this even in weather close to 0. The heater also takes forever to heat up as well...
  4. Heater only works at high RPM

    Repair Questions
    2003 Xterra XE 4x4, 133,000mi. Within the last month, my heater has started acting up, blowing hot air when the engine is at >2500rpm, but quickly switches to blowing cold air when stopped at lights or moving slow in traffic. What's the deal? My A/C went out earlier this summer, back in June...
  5. Strange Overheating Behavior

    Repair Questions
    Back in June, my A/C went out and I did not get it fixed due to the expense. At that time, any time I had the A/C running, the engine temperature would indicate it was overheating. The shop I took it to removed the A/C belt and basically just said "don't use it", and I haven't. Fast forward to...
  6. Clicking Sound when I drive/turn A/C heater also not working

    Repair Questions
    I hear a clicking sound under the front of my car sometimes when I'm driving, definitely when I'm turning. Any ideas??? Also, my air conditioning system and heater isn't working. It turns on, but stops blowing cold air or hot air. I also hear the compressor working and feels like it takes a lot...
  7. X won't blow hot air unless rev'ed up.

    Repair Questions
    2008 Xterra Off-road, Northern Alberta. It could run for hours and won't blow hot air. Even did it inside. Engine comes up to temp fine. Just replaced the thermostat anyway to see if that was the cause. As soon as the RPM is up, in motion or parked, it blows heat. Stop at a red light 5 seconds...
  8. Fan only works on #4 speed... Suggestions?

    Repair Questions
    Hey All, So here's the deal, my AC/Heat only starts blowing when I turn the dial all the way to #4. My first thought was that it's the switch/dial, BUT when I have the AC button depressed and turn it from 0 to 1, 2 or 3 the green light comes on - meaning that it sensed the switch was turned, or...
  9. Heater A/C fan blower won't turn off when the vehicle is turned off.

    Repair Questions
    Has anyone experianced this before? I turn my truck off and the heater fan is still going. The knob is turned on, but normally the heater turns off when the key has been removed from the ignition. I have to turn the knob to off in order to get the heater fan to stop blowing. I had a dead...