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  1. Installation of an Appradio 2, Stealthbox, and Amplifier

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Installation of an Appradio 2, Stealthbox, and Amplifier (2007 Xterra) Hey guys, This is my first post here, but I think this is the right place to put this: I just finished up a how-to video on installing a Pioneer Appradio 2, JL Audio Stealthbox, and Kenwood amplifier into my 2007 Xterra...
  2. CB radio

    Interior Mods
    Hey so this is what I would like to do I have a 02 x and want to put in a single DIN head unit but also put a single DIN CB radio in as well. Most of the mounting brackets for a head unit only have the room for the one unit. If anyone has done this or if you all have any suggestions I would...
  3. Need stereo recommendations - transfer from show car

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    Firstly, I am in love with my 2003 Xterra. Secondly, I have a import show car that is stored in the 3rd stall of my garage 364 days a year (I wash it, wax it, drive it a bit on the single day it is out each year). In 2003ish I installed an Alpine CDA-1006 LCD head unit into the show car (image...
  4. Looking for the VSS

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    OK i have been slowly getting the Eclipse AVN head unit put in and hooked up. I am at another sticking point. I am looking for the VSS wire. I have looked all over here for a diagram or some pictures or something that will help me locate this little guy. But no luck. can some one send a...