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  1. With headliner removed and in the middle of repair, what else should I do?!?

    Modification Questions
    After 140K miles, my 2004 X gave up the glue on its headliner, and within 2 months came COMPLETELY detached. It looked like an upside down circus tent and every breeze sent foam particles all through the car. Nice! So I took on the project of replacing the headliner fabric. I currently have...
  2. Another headliner saga....

    Interior Mods
    OK, New guy here. I've had an OLD Land Cruiser, Jeeps, 4X4 pickup, etc. - but never paid much attention to the Xterra. Always associated Nissan with the original Datsun name and remembered they weren't the finest examples of vehicle engineering... But I went looking for a cheap, older, beater...
  3. Headliner Replacement

    Interior Mods
    I have done some research and this seems like a fairly easy process based on the DIY write-ups. However, I have a 2004 SE with the sunroof.. and none of the write-ups seem to have the sunroof. SO I'm just wondering if anyone has some info on how to remove and reinstall the section of the...
  4. Great info here! thanks for helping attack the issues we all face.

    New Member Introductions
    I'm glad to see I'm not alone with that damned knock code! I'll probably do a replace soon. I'm not going to bother moving it this first time. I'm a noob here, but fairly mechanical, and am excited to start tinkering a bit more on my X. I've already replaced the headliner and removed the nerf...
  5. Headliner

    Repair Questions
    My 2002 x's headliner has been sagging ever since i got it. Has anybody found a good way to fix the headliner problem? Is it worth buying a new one if its just going to sag like the old one?
  6. Headliner fiberglass piece

    Repair Questions
    Ok so, about 4 months ago my headliner (fabric) was falling very badly, so I tore it down. After awhile I got all the glue and foam on my head and rest of the car and it looked dumb. So then I ripped the insert down(fiberglass I think) where can I find a complet set. My x is an 2002 se, it's an...
  7. Hard Headliners: Questions

    Interior Mods
    Hey I Just got a 2002 X and the headliner was torn and sagging. So I removed the old fabric and took down the headliner board, but now that I look at it I would really like a hard headliner, made of kydex or some other plastic. I was wondering if anyone has done this before? If anyone has any...
  8. Headliner Glue Help

    Repair Questions
    I am goin to redo my headliner soon and was hoping to get opinions on what glue to use and where to buy it. I've heard of people using 3m 77 or 90 and a bunch of others but which is the best?
  9. How to/diy: Replace headliner on 2000-04 xterra!!

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Alright guys, I just recently changed my headliner. It was really getting annoying, and personally, I thought the look was horrible. So I decided to replace the whole thing. This is Write Up of how I did it, and it looks way better than before! This is not done by any professional... nor did I...
  10. PalmettoJ's Build

    Member's Xterras
    Ok so I figured I'd start one of these seeing that I'm going to be doing some mods to my X. Needless to say this will probably be the slowest build thread on here cause of how busy I am with work right now. But here is my first major repair that i've done to my X since i've owned it (2 years)...
  11. 2003 Interior Headliner

    Interior Mods
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to change headliner on the roof of my 2003 Xterra? It keeps drooping and falling down, and I don't want to pay a fortune to replace it. Would like to try myself. Materials. Instructions. Etc. Thank you, I grately appreciate it.
  12. Headliner of DOOM

    Repair Questions
    Eh.. Nevermind.. I did that 'search' thing you guys kept tellin me bout.. :D