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  1. FS: Bi-xenon projector retrofitted clear headlights, panamera dual shroud, yellow cutoff shield++

    Parts For Sale
    Hey Guys, I'm unfortunately selling my truck because my dog hates it. I'm selling my custom-built headlights. Specs: Morimoto Mini-H1 Bi-xenon projectors 7.0 (latest edition) Blacked out Panamera R white LED shroud Blacked out Stock morimoto shroud underneath to cover all gaps Mounted with...
  2. Low Beams Work, High Beams Don't!

    Repair Questions
    Hi there! I have a 2003 SE S/C. My low beams work just fine, but when I push the combination switch forward to turn on my high beams ALL my lights turn off. I've read through this section of the service manual for ideas, but it didn't cover this issue. I've inspected the bulbs and the filament...
  3. New Headlights

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2000 Xterra and one of the headlights is out. Im wondering which brand is best to use in changing it out and im looking to just change both so i wont have to deal with the other later. When i drive at night i have to have my brights on, which are sadly more dull than some peoples...
  4. DIY headlight wiring

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I just installed Spec D led projector halos but I have a problem I was hoping to get some help with. To make the halos and leds work I believe I need to attach the wires to the fuse box but I'm not sure how to attach them to the fuse box. Any help much appreciated
  5. Installing retrofit headlights after ShrockWorks bumper installation

    Modification Questions
    Hello, I finally received my ShrockWorks front and rear bumpers and had them installed. I'm also interested in upgrading my headlights and purchased the Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit from TRS...
  6. Hi Beams work, Low Beams Don't

    Repair Questions
    Checked all the fuses and relays and they are all good. Visual inspection of the bulbs and they looked good. With an electrical tester I tested the plug where it connects to the bulb and found no power with the low beams on. When switched to hi beams there is power at the plug. I don't have fog...
  7. 05 lights fit 01 Xterra?

    Modification Questions
    I really want a set of nice headlights. I'm fairly new to this so please go easy on me. I found some headlights that I want, but they fit the 05 model. Will they fit an 01?
  8. assistance needed on Aisle xterra

    Exterior Lighting
    so i bought 60 dollar light bulbs to replace the crappy headlight bulbs, (the main headlights) , i still cant see sh**, im now looking at HIDs :) my last vehcial i had put them in there. i had a 2008 scion tc color was 10000k, may she rest in peace, along with the rocks and phone poll cables...
  9. No dashboard lights or tail lights

    Repair Questions
    Im new to this forum stuff so bear with me lol. I dont even know if Im posting this in the correct area ... I got my xterra last November I was soo excited, but the longer I have it the more that goes wrong with it... I have a love/hate relationship if you couldnt tell lol, I dont want to get...
  10. HOW TO- Repaint sun damaged headlight bezels

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    If you have sun-damaged headlight bezels, here is a process that will get them looking like new. I did this project over a year ago and it is still holding up strong. Before: (Note that the sun not only fades the paint along the top away, but also damages the outermost layer of exposed...
  11. headlight bulb harness

    Repair Questions
    hey everyone i need some help.I have a 04 Xterra. I replaced my factory headlight bulb harness with a different harness. Now when i turn my headlights on i get one on low and the other on high beam. I think it is because i wired the harness incorrectly. The harness wires go Red/white, Red/black...