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  1. How to remove headlights 2002 (front end bumper/grill/headlights)

    Modification Questions
    Hey I’m looking to redo my front end because it’s faded a light grey. I’m painting all the trim black including the headlight bezels and was looking for a detailed way of going about that. Thanks for the help. 2002 SE 4x4 v6 Automatic, also on a side note does anyone know how to remove the grey...
  2. Headlight on 08' Xterra Flickers and seems like a connection issue *HELP

    Repair Questions
    Hello, I have an 08' Xterra and the right headlight goes on and off sometimes. The left one is fine. When I pop the hood and put some slight pressure on the headlight socket it will turn on but go off every time I hit a bump. Tried clearing everything of dirt and debris and even tape the...
  3. Interior & Exterior LED light conversion

    Interior Mods
    I want to switch all of my interior lights, the headlights, and the license plate lights all over to LED. do you have any recommendations for brands of LED lights?
  4. Headlights blinding people.

    Modification Questions
    Hi. i recently did the PML and now my headlights blind people on the road (especially ricers that are dropped to the floor) Any ways i wanted to know if there are adjustment bolts or someway to make them lower (tired of getting the finger and angry looks)
  5. Replacing headlight bulbs often

    Repair Questions
    My 2000 is giving me headlight grief. Seems I'm replacing bulbs every 6 months or sooner. I'm using the Sylvania Silverstars--so they're not cheap bulbs. I'm the third owner of the vehicle, and the kid before me did a bunch of wiring work--yikes. I'm worried there's a voltage problem that's...
  6. Common Problem - New Solution???

    Exterior Lighting
    First Off: Hey CXers! Sorry its been a while. had all the time in the world to spend on my X and when I was unemployed, now I'm over employed and just getting back to a healthy balance of life and work. Without Further a due... Common Problem: My Driver Side Low Beam is out...
  7. 1.5 gen Halo rings

    Exterior Lighting
    so i got the clever idea from walking around autozone, that if my car cant have halos , then why not make them ? so here is my proposal.. i want to get a strip of LED lights that are fairly close together, and make a ring on the outermost diameter of the light housing. like where the chrome...
  8. headlight suggesteions please

    Exterior Lighting
    Can someone recommend a good set of bulbs for my 04 X? I just had one go out today. I previously had the nice sylvania silverstar bulbs in there but they didn't seem to last very long. Also, should I replace both or just do them as they go out? If I remember right I can get them in packs of two...
  9. Finding the short in passenger side headlight...

    Repair Questions
    Has anyone done this...successfully? I'm finding it to be really hard and frusterating. Nothing looks obviously wrong from where I can look, connector looks fine, nothing corroded. The fuse just blows for the passenger side light everytime I turn them on. And it doesn't help that reading a...
  10. Headlight is Mysteriously Out?

    Repair Questions
    Alright, so it ends up I replaced a bulb for no reason because it was the fuse. BUT the fuse keeps blowing. What could be causing this?? Thanks for any help!
  11. How to clean the water stains and "fog" off your headlights

    i like the look of crystal clear headlights, heres how to get yous looking fresh and new. your gonna need plastic polish, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 grit wet/dry sandpaper, a soft cloth, and some time (the more you put in the better the end result) you should be able to get most everything at...