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  1. New Head Unit for 2006 S

    Interior Mods
    (First post, so let me know if this is in the wrong place or if I've done something wrong) I'm looking to put in a new head unit in my 2006 S. Besides changing my oil this will be the first thing I've actually done on my X myself. I'm pretty sure I've decided on a double DIN but could be easily...
  2. 2002 xterra radio swap questions. wiring.

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    Hey guys i am really confused. I have a 2002 Xterra with the 6 cd changer and i purchased a pioneer head unit to change out the stock one. The wire harness i bought to connect the radio is the first part of my question.. Is there a special one for the 6 cd changer because i just got one for the...
  3. Head unit problem

    Interior Mods
    Alrighty, so I get this awesomely sweet new Sony head unit and I get it in and working, but shucks, it won't hold any memory and my dash lights won't come on. So I take out the head unit and find the problem, the yellow (memory) wire and the red (ignition) wire are together. But without these...
  4. FS: Working Factory OEM CD player 2000-2004

    I bought and installed an aftermarket CD player because I wanted one with an AUX hole in the front for my phone, so I have the stock unit up for sale on ebay. I was just hoping to get maybe $20-$25 out of it. It's in great condition, has some minor scratches on the screen. Let me know if...