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  1. Squirrels chewed up wiring

    Repair Questions
    While we were away at Christmas a squirrel made a nest in my wife's 2001 Xterra's engine compartment and really did number on the wiring. It chewed through all 6 sparkplug wires, the wiring harness and connector to the cruise control motor, an injector's wiring and several other wires that I...
  2. headlight bulb harness

    Repair Questions
    hey everyone i need some help.I have a 04 Xterra. I replaced my factory headlight bulb harness with a different harness. Now when i turn my headlights on i get one on low and the other on high beam. I think it is because i wired the harness incorrectly. The harness wires go Red/white, Red/black...
  3. FS: 1st gen back seats,roof air dam,flr mat,trailer harness,L door jamb "link" assy

    FS: 1st gen back seat cushions, roof air dam, R floor mat, silver touchup paint Thanks for looking...have a few leftovers from my 2000 XE (God rest its soul) and 2002 XE. Can do Paypal and shipping, or also local pickup in Dallas-Fort Worth area: - 2 back seat cushions (just the removable...
  4. Trailer lights...????? help.

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have an 03' xterra w/towing package. However I can't find the wiring needed to connect to my trailer's lights. I know that the "harness"? is under the passenger side rear bumper but what do I need to be able to connect that to my trailer? and how? anybody? please? I'm needing to take my quad...