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  1. 2001 model rear left window opens only part way

    Repair Questions
    Recently the rear left window of my 2001 model stopped being able to open fully. It only comes down about 5 inches or so then jams. It can come back up but needs a little coaxing. I don't know if it is the guide or something is physically jamming it. I'll be taking off the door cover to inspect...
  2. Xterra Factory Service/Owners Manuals

    Repair Questions
    Follow the links listed below to a downloadable copy of Xterra factory service manuals and owners manuals (.pdf files). The FSM's are a much more thorough and detailed guide to both routine maintenance and repairs and contain any and all technical info you may be looking for. A huge thank...
  3. Ultimate Tire Size Guide - IN PROGRESS, NEED HELP

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    Hey All, I've been trying to find a way to make a lasting contribution to the site, as many others have doing the How-to's etc, and I think I have found my calling. I would like to populate a table of tire sizes and what mods/trimming you can fit them with. I had planned on doing all of the...