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  1. Cranks won’t start after replacing fuel pump/filter

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2001 Xterra XE V6 210k miles. One day went out to start and it cranked but would not fire. I took the air intake off and sprayed started fluid, fired up and shut off real quick. Today I replaced the fuel pump assembly, fuel filter, and fuel pump relay. I have also checked the fuel pump...
  2. HOW TO: Fuel Pump 1st Gen

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Part 1 Hope you are well and ready to have some fun replacing your fuel pump. There is a How-to on here on the fuel level sending unit - check it out for further information. I'll include a little of that and then go into the fuel pump replacement. 1. Parts. I purchased a fuel pump relay, then...
  3. Fuel sending unit connector replacement

    Repair Questions
    Alright so here's the story: FSU shows corrosion at the electric connector, Nissan has a recall, but I would have to tow the Xterra 100 miles to have it repaired. I got the part and did it myself. The connector for the return line to the fuel pump is a pain to get off, I saw that on the...
  4. Won't take gas and 20mph is top speed

    Repair Questions
    Have a 2002 X, 3.3 non-supercharged 4x4, auto tranny with 210,000 miles under it. It will start perfectly and idle perfectly, when you try to drive it it has no power, and won't take gas only in one spot maybe 1/4 of the way down but thats it you can floor it and it bogs down and slows down...
  5. wont start till day warms up. Relay?

    Repair Questions
    Xterra wont start in morning. Hubby sais it relates to me not being a morning person :laugh: OK really it seamed random at first but we've noticed it only seems to be early that it wont start. Battery is fine, turns over but wont start. Later in the same day it will start, several days its...
  6. No power to fuel pump relay

    It Won't Start!!!
    My car was sitting at idle for 2 hours and suddenly shut off and would not start back up. It's not getting power to the fuel pump relay. I have swapped relays so i know its not the relay itself. Fuse is good.. im really hoping its not the ecm.. Anyone else have this problem before?
  7. Do I need to replace the fuel filter too???

    Repair Questions
    hello folks, I'm swapping out my old busted fuel pump today for a new one. Do i need to replace the fuel filter as well?? thanks -J
  8. Looking for fuel pump part!

    Repair Questions
    I need to find just the furl pump itself to fit into the factory fuel pump assembly. The float works, its still reading accurate fuel levels, the rely seems in good condition, and the fuse is in tip top shape. any help locating a pump that fits that assembly would be very helpful. Ive called...
  9. 2000 Xterra 4x4 - Cranks, no start - HELP

    It Won't Start!!!
    Aghhh. Want to pull some teeth out at this point. Been searching the forums and trying various fixes and there my truck sits.. dead in the driveway. Background: I was driving along at 65 when the truck died in highway traffic. Scary! Pulled over and the truck was idling, but no power under...
  10. Hi Beams work, Low Beams Don't

    Repair Questions
    Checked all the fuses and relays and they are all good. Visual inspection of the bulbs and they looked good. With an electrical tester I tested the plug where it connects to the bulb and found no power with the low beams on. When switched to hi beams there is power at the plug. I don't have fog...
  11. Changed sending unit and now it won't start!

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have the notorious sending unit failure on my 2000 xterra. It kept shutting off as i was driving down the road and everything that i researched lead me to replace the sending unit. Well now that i've replaced it. It wont even start. Just clicks. Everything is hooked up correctly. I triple...
  12. Xterra stalls and won't start.

    It Won't Start!!!
    Hello all, I've had my Xterra for about 2 years now. She's a 2000 model and never needed any major work done. Yesterday morning I took a drive into town and I put some gas in. Hours later, on my drive home she just shut off on me. I was not able to to turn her back on, although she continued to...
  13. NEED HELP X Wont Star

    General Discussions
    Hey so I'm a new Xterra owner! Just got an '01 SE! Problem Im having is I unhooked the battery for about 15min and now the truck wont start! I have all power on dash, radio, lights etc, I have tried all the regular stuff....key in door lock/unlock, unlocking at back hatch, real key and spare...
  14. replaced fuel pump

    Repair Questions
    I replaced the fuel pump on my 03 and it still won't start. Is it possible to have gotten air in the line and if so is there any way to bleed it. Thanks jpost
  15. Fuel Pump Dead in the Driveway

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2002 4WD Nissan Exterra V6 3.3L engine Okay the Haynes manual says to pull the gas tank, I believe the fuel pump can be replaced without pulling the gas tank but I pulled the tank anyway... Now I have a gas tank sitting on my driveway so obviously the fuel lines on the outside of the...