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fuel level sensor

  1. Do I really need a new Cat?

    Repair Questions
    Some back story, I have a 2004 non supercharged 2-wheel drive xterra w 159k miles. A few months ago I was getting some really bad mpg and my SES came on, I got it scanned and my engine bay 02 sensors were tripped as well as the ones near the catalytic converter and a fuel level sensor that comes...
  2. Faulty Fuel Gauge/Service Engine Light ON

    Repair Questions
    PROBLEM: Filled up tank at gas station, started car afterwards and "service engine soon" light comes on, and gas needle stayed at same place as before fill up. Drove for another 45 minutes and needle finally made it's way up to full. Level is now at the half way mark and the "Service" light is...
  3. Need Help -- Codes 0328 and 0462

    Repair Questions
    2003 Xterra SE V6 Got codes 0328 and 0462. I understand that 0328 is Knock Sensor. Does anyone know what 0462 is? It isn't on the list of codes in the sticky dedicated to this topic. What can cause these codes? Can I do anything to fix this or should I just bite the bullet and take the car...
  4. Fuel level sensor

    Repair Questions
    First time posting here. I have a 2005, 4wd, automatic. The Service Engine Soon light came on and a quick check by a Nissan service center indicated a "code 4" which indicates that the issue is with the fuel level sensor. Does anyone have experience with this type of issue with the 05's? Could...