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  1. Cranks won’t start after replacing fuel pump/filter

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2001 Xterra XE V6 210k miles. One day went out to start and it cranked but would not fire. I took the air intake off and sprayed started fluid, fired up and shut off real quick. Today I replaced the fuel pump assembly, fuel filter, and fuel pump relay. I have also checked the fuel pump...
  2. Recommended Fuel Filter

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    I was able to find the recommended spark plugs (thank you), but is there a recommended fuel filter? I have a 2002 SE, she's got almost 220,000 on her and I'm trying to keep her going.
  3. Big Bird still won't start!

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    OK my '00 X 4x4 dead. Driving to work one day she just died. She cranks just fine, just won't turn over. Did my due dilly and ended up putting in a new Fuel Sending Unit. Didn't work. Checked fuel pump - it's pumping! Fuse is OK. Checked fire from spark plugs - check! So I changed the fuel...
  4. '05 X stalling randomly

    Repair Questions
    Have a 2005 Xterra which has been acting off for a bit here lately. While highway driving and exiting to make a turn or a stop then go it will lose rpms and act if about to stall. Then recently while in traffic it will stall and have to put in park and it will start right up. Would this be...
  5. Do I need to replace the fuel filter too???

    Repair Questions
    hello folks, I'm swapping out my old busted fuel pump today for a new one. Do i need to replace the fuel filter as well?? thanks -J
  6. 2000 Xterra 4x4 - Cranks, no start - HELP

    It Won't Start!!!
    Aghhh. Want to pull some teeth out at this point. Been searching the forums and trying various fixes and there my truck sits.. dead in the driveway. Background: I was driving along at 65 when the truck died in highway traffic. Scary! Pulled over and the truck was idling, but no power under...
  7. Help! I have ignition but wont start!

    Repair Questions
    2006 Xterra Two weeks ago upon starting my X, the ignition fired, but would not start. It did some serious vibrating and rattling instead idling. Luckily I was in the Auto Zone parking lot (I had just bought and put in a Lucas Fuel System cleaner). I went in to get a tech to come out and help...
  8. Cutting Out - Big Problemo!

    Repair Questions
    Yes - there are other threads EXACTLY like this - however, no one has posted what actually fixed their problems. and I haven't heard back from any of the people who originally listed their problem. So. 2001 v6 4x4 Xterra w/ 115000 mi - replaced the timing belt, plugs & wires about 1k mi ago...