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    Modification Questions
    Hello fellow X people! I just joined and got my first X, and i was wondering if anyone else had any luck finding a front receiver hitch option for a first gen X? Mine is a 2000 Xterra SE. Thank you in advance! X on!
  2. Suspension Lift

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I currently have a 3 inch SL on my 04 xterra and am looking for ways to add another inch or two. I'm against BLs, but am always open to learn more about them. Rear suspension is easy, more leaf springs or longer connection things (blanking on the name), but what about the front? I've heard of...
  3. Front lift idea's?

    Modification Questions
    Hey, Im running an '01 x and I'm looking for a front lift. My plan is to do an axle flip in the rear but I'm having a heck of a time finding a kit for lifting just the front. I'm thinking I should get 3-4" in the rear. With the torsion suspension in the front I can push it up some but I kinda...
  4. Update Front Grille Plastic?

    Repair Questions
    What or how is the best way to replace/recondition the plastic on the front of my 2002 X? It's taken a beating over the last 10 years. Thanks.
  5. Stock Front Tow Hook

    Exterior Mods
    Removed the tow hook using a 17mm deepwell socket with extension. Primered with grey primer. And then a couple coats of red rustoleum paint. I thought it would add a nice subtle accent to the front end. And, I think I was right. I'm going to try to attach a picture now. After painting I...
  6. New guy here...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Just purchased my 2002 Nissan XT about a month ago. Love it, love it, love. I have put some money into it but I'm ok with that. I'm sure it's going to take care of me for a long time. Pics to come. I've never joined a 'forum' in the past but I'm hoping I can get questions answered...
  7. Just a wee bit help on ARB

    Body Armor
    could someone point me in the right direction on a DIY for installing an ARB front bumper on a 2003 xterra no BL, thx and the things to not do when installing.
  8. 4x4 vibration

    Repair Questions
    Hello fellow Xterra owners, I have a 2000 Xterra, its got a calmini 3" lift and I have an issue in 4wheel drive. There is a vibration in the front only when I am in four wheel drive and only when I accelerate past 35mph. I have changed the drive axles and the u joints in the front drive shaft...
  9. WOOT WOOT Sound from Front of Engine

    Repair Questions
    I have just finished replacing the heads on my 2000 3.3 X, got her started up and have chased down and fixed my minor goofs. Car started up and runs fine, but for a strange "WOOT WOOT WOOT" coming from the lower half of the front of the engine. It's pretty low pitched as opposed to a squeak or...
  10. 2007 Xterra X Front Brakes at 29K?

    Repair Questions
    Greetings, I have a 07 Xterra X 4wd with 29K original miles. I was told at a recent service visit at the dealer that my front brakes need to be replaced to the tune of approx $600 (pads + rotors). I have not noticed any vibration or heard any clues that the front brakes are worn. I tow a...