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fog light installation
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    Hi all, Been driving Xterra cars for about 15 years, nothing better than an Xterra and still loving it! I have a question about led fog light kits and installation, I think installation is pretty straight forward but my question really is which led fog light kit do I get? Any recommendations...
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  3. Repair Questions
    I've got a 2003 X with the round fog lights and one has died (obviously, both get replaced). I checked at Advance Auto Parts and found that the replacement bulb is a Sylvania 899 bulb, which is listed as "standard." As I'm sure you can all appreciate, the word "standard" made me wonder if...
  4. Modification Questions
    Just got a 2008 X without fog lamps and I need fog lamps here on Oregon coast. Looking at car indicates that the wiring seems to be in place for lamps - there is a plug on a harness in the right side - haven't seen it on the left. There is a fuse marked Fog Lamps in the fuse box in engine...
  5. Exterior Mods
    Alright so I have a 2003 silver Xterra with stock alternator and battery. I recently just bought the B&M lightbar and now all I need is 4, 6 inch 100w black fog lights to go up top. And I found this light kit from rugged ridge that looks pretty good to me and is in my spending limit. I wanna get...
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    I recently bought a manual 2002 Xterra XE. I have already bought a fog light installation kit that includes both lights, a main wire harness, a switch wire harness, and an on/off switch. My Xterra has the two plugs under the front bumper to plug the lights into, but I can not find where to hook...
1-6 of 6 Results