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  1. Repair Questions
    My wife took the rig into the shop this morning at they told her that she needed to get a coolant flush done, and they wanted to charge her about $200. The car runs smoothly and has never overheated. How can they tell if it's time to do an engine flush? If it is time, I'd love to save myself...
  2. General Discussions
    How many jugs of radiator fluid do I need to upgrade to a supercharged radiator on 2002 Xterra? Basically upgrading to a supercharged radiator with auto tranny.
  3. Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    I have an '07. Just had the diff fluids changed by the dealer. Afterwards, I started noticing a strong gear oil smell whenever I drive for 30 minutes or more. So today I checked the diff fluids. The rear was thin and milky looking. Could this be from an additive for limited slip or...
1-3 of 3 Results