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  1. General Discussions
    Wanted to run some snow chains, but was worried that I would have some clearance issues, so decided to do a little test; figured others might find this useful: ---- My truck: My Xterra is a 2004. Have a 2" body lift as well as a ~2+ suspension lift. For the suspension lift, I'm running stock...
  2. General Discussions
    Alright guys, Im looking for some input here. I've looked at other Sexterras flex pix and kinda wonder how mine compare. Unfortunately there is one other X in my town that has any real mods and its an older guy so Im just going by pix. I have a 2" BL with AC UCA and Shackles so about 2.5" SL...
  3. Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Ok ladies and gentleman, here is the situation. If you don't already know from a few of my other posts I have a 2000 X with 120k on the clock, and just had the timing belt done... I plan on keeping it for a while! I just ordered a set of Bilstein 5100's front and rear that are set up for 3in...
  4. Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Anyone know how careful I need to be with the pressure and flex im puttin on the shocks and suspension when going over rocks and other stuff like that? Im a little worried about throwing off the alignment or something like that. Everything I have on right now is stock. Any words of advice?
1-4 of 4 Results