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  1. 2000 Pathfinder 3.3L Repair Help

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, new to the forum and first posting! Thank you in advance! Problem: 2000 Nissan Pathfinder 3.3L 4wd 184,000 miles starts, idles, and drives perfect until the truck is thoroughly heat soaked. Once it's hot, the truck chokes/misfires. If you give it any throttle it's coughs, bogs down...
  2. SOLD Free Exhaust Studs, Nuts and Gaskets for 2001 Nissan Xterra

    Parts For Sale
    Sold the 'ol girl and don't need these anymore. They were all purchased from Lia Nissan in Colonie, NY. The studs and nuts are "Nissan Genuine Parts", I think the gaskets are Walker. Total they're probably worth $150 or so, but they're too much of a pain to try and sell online individually so a...
  3. Replacing Rusted-Out Exhaust

    Repair Questions
    Hi All, I have a 2000 Xterra which has a rusted out exhaust system that lets exhaust out at at least one if not two spots before it gets to the end of the tailpipe. I was talking to my dad about replacing it myself and he said, "you should probably just pay someone to do that because those...
  4. Replacing rear exhaust, do I need a clamp?

    Repair Questions
    I am replacing my rear exhaust pipe with a direct fit one. The old one came off fairly easily with me having to gently cut through the exhaust's direct fit connection to the Y pipe. Now that I have the new exhaust on do I need a clamp to hold it together or is there some other method I should...
  5. VG33E 1st Gen Doug Thorley Headers - BRAND NEW, NEVER INSTALLED

    Parts For Sale
    *** SOLD!!! *** VG33E 1st Gen Doug Thorley Headers - BRAND NEW, NEVER INSTALLED ****** SOLD!!! ****** Check links two posts below for additional exhaust components available! Xterra project has been on the backburner for way too long now, time to start selling stuff off! Brand new, unused...
  6. Catalytic Converters 2000 Xterra Removal

    Repair Questions
    Hello; I recently bought a 2000 Xterra 3.3 v6 SE, it will need a new motor soon, but I managed to fix the head gasket for now. However it was leaking coolant through the exhaust for a long time. I had the compression and other things checked at a garage and they told me the converters were...
  7. Aftermakret Exhaust Install Ideas? Magnaflow, Flowmaster, etc??

    Modification Questions
    I'm putting on an aftermarket exhaust this week on my 2011. I know that each brand of exhaust and size can really be dependent on the vehicle for the right sound/performance. Currently I am leaning towards a MagnaFlow exhaust, not sure what size yet. I have a couple questions for anyone that...
  8. New Exhaust System

    Modification Questions
    Just wanting to get advice from other Xterra owners. Looking to make the car sound better(mostly a deeper tone and a little louder), and not sure which route to take. Originally I was just going to put a muffler on, but I don't want a ricey sound. I've been told to get dual exhaust, and also...
  9. New Muffler Question

    Modification Questions
    Hello all, I have a 2003 3.3L V6 SE Xterra with the stock muffler. I am looking to put on a Cherry Bomb Glasspack, however there are many different sizes and types. I have measured my muffler and found that it is roughly 29" long with 2" connecting pipes. If anyone knows which muffler would...
  10. '04 Rattle / Grinding Noise is Annoying!

    Repair Questions
    Hey everyone, I found that my '04 x s/c is making a noticeable rattling noise, specifically around the 2200 rpm mark. I have had two shops look into very briefly. They both said that the heat shields are tight and that they believe IT IS exhaust related. Weird thing is that this sound CANNOT...
  11. Exhaust issue/ fix question

    Modification Questions
    ill preface this by saying i do not care about emissions systems nor is it ever checked in Ohio, now saying this, i bought my 03 X for 5gs out the door at a dealership and they cleared engine codes before selling it to me (Bastards) and i discovered i had an exhaust leak and a failure in the 1st...
  12. Insynerator dual exhaust for 02 xterra

    New Member Introductions
    Just got my true dual exhaust installed with custom piping, two insynerator mufflers and two LXD stainless tips.
  13. Exhaust Questions

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but already in a bit of a troublesome situation. I own a 2001 Nissan Xterra XE, 5 spd standard, and recently my exhaust rotted out from under me. So I ordered up a y pipe and muffler from Bosal, ready to bolt up. Last night I got underneath my Xterra, cut off the...
  14. 2002 X - Non-SC - Needs exhaust - Questions

    Performance Mods
    Okay, my '02 has had a pinhole in the exhaust pipe since I got it. I knew about it when I bought it, but didn't hate the sound, so I just left it alone. Not having the extra cash handy helped make that decision also. So, now 5 months later, and I'm going to get it replaced. I'm looking at...
  15. New to the site

    New Member Introductions
    I'm new to the site. I've owned my SE V6 4x4 2000 since it was a year old with 35k. It now has 162k but not running anywhere near where it used to. Currently I'm in the process of removing both catalytic converters due to an extremely sluggish engine. The truck stutters so much that it shuts...
  16. Aftermarket exhaust- Possible loss of power?

    Member's Xterras
    I have a 2001 Xterra 4x4 auto with the 3.3L v6. I'm considering putting straight pipes (duals) from the cats back, no mufflers. I called my local shop to get a quote, and the guy told me that nissan and Toyota owners often complain from a loss of low end power and acceleration after exhaust is...
  17. Straight piping questions

    Performance Mods
    I'm seriously considering straight piping my 02 SE, but i'd like to hear more as far as pros and cons of doing it and not doing it, and my main question is will it cause too much backpressure and crack my headers?
  18. Hello.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a performance exhaust for my 2000 SE. Any recommends?
  19. Muffler

    Exterior Mods
    I'm looking to change my stock muffler on my '12 Xterra X for better sound, but for some reason can't find the inlet/outlet sizes for it. Any ideas?
  20. exhaust help please

    Performance Mods
    my exhaust is shot ! i have metal wire holding up the muffler currently so it doesnt fall off an cause an accident, i have more holes an exhaust leaks in the pipes than swiss cheese. im thinking of having it done at my local muffler shop (muffler dan) for those of you from NJ, i had the though...