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  1. Repair Questions
    Can somebody point me in the right direction. I rotated my tires today and one lugnut was on my right rear wheel so tight that I broke it off, threaded part and all. What a fun time. Anyway, looking into getting a whole new assembly, I’ve probably gotta service the whole drum/shoe anyway, but I...
  2. Repair Questions
    Anyone know the spec size of the empty bolt holes on the rear drum used for removal? See pic. 2004 X. Thanks.
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hello everyone! I have my original drum brakes for sale. I bought new ones because I was too lazy to check the wear on these and couldn't return them. They look like you would expect with the typical rust and such, but the shoes have 90% of the friction material remaining. I am including all...
1-3 of 3 Results