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  1. Timing on 2003 XE

    Repair Questions
    Does anyone have info on how to time my 2003 XE V6, 3.3 liter? The distributor came loose and it jumped time. Thanks,
  2. Possible distributor?

    Repair Questions
    So I bought a 2000 v6 4x4 with 207,000 on it 2 weeks ago, other than a few minor things it purred like a kitten (only reason I bought with so many miles). Today while drive I noticed while going uphill it would kind of stall a little and cut out, kinda got worried. It was due for an oil change...
  3. p0306 code. No improvement after changing distributor and spark plug

    Repair Questions
    This whole thing started about a month ago when I had a crank no start caused by a p0306 code. Replaced the distributor (and the cam shaft sensor) with an aftermarket part, and that cleared it up for a couple of months. I started getting another misfire last week and threw a p0306 misfire cyl...
  4. Gen 1: Idle hunting at startup and jerks/hesitates while coasting around 35-50mph (goes away if I tap throttle at all). Timing issue?

    Repair Questions
    So I had a pretty bad misfire issue in cylinders 4 and 6 that turned into a crank no start a couple of weeks ago. Initially thought it was the fuel injectors based on the symptoms/diagnostic, so I did a fuel induction, which did nothing. Before getting into replacing the injectors, I decided...
  5. Q about suspicious wiring on distributor

    Repair Questions
    Vehicle: 2003 XTerra, M/T, VG33E Hello, I had a mechanic come to my home to diagnose a crank no start and he determined it to be the distributor coil. He also wanted $500 to replace it (also recommended replacing spark plugs @ $1200 thanks to the pesky #6) so I thought I would shop around, no...
  6. Crank, no start/no spark 02 3.3L

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have an 02 3.3L Xterra that cranks but won't start. Recently replaced timing belt, distributor, and spark plugs. Problem started a few weeks ago. Wouldn't start one morning, cranking but not catching, so I went under the hood. I noticed the battery terminals were a little loose so I...
  7. Car won't start with TPS disconnected

    Repair Questions
    I have been trying to set my timing after I did some work on my car and it requires you to disconnect the TPS sensor in order to adjust timing manually to 10 degrees btdc. However, when i disconnect my TPS my car fires up as normal but then dies immediately. I did remove my distributor when i...
  8. Error codes and choppy engine issues

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2003 X with the 3.3-SC engine that now has a little over 251k miles on it. Had the truck since it was brand new and plan to keep it. Lately, I've been battling some issues like oil leaks, etc. I just had the rear main and crankshaft seals replaced to stop oil leaks and did the valve...
  9. 00 wont start when warm - replaced distributor, fuel filter and mass air flow sensor

    It Won't Start!!!
    So I have seen variations of this problem on this forum, but still having issues. Replaced the distributor, fuel filter, and Mass Air flow sensor, still has intermittent starting (cranks, wont fire up) when warm. Here's the longer story: It started after a few days I got back from a long trip...
  10. 2001 XTerra 3.3L: Crank but no start, no code

    Repair Questions
    Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this and (hopefully) provide a little feedback for me. I've got a 2001 XTerra SE with 3.3L and automatic trans, 158k miles. I've owned it since '02, so basically all those miles are under my care. She's never given me any problems, but the harmonic...
  11. Won't take gas and 20mph is top speed

    Repair Questions
    Have a 2002 X, 3.3 non-supercharged 4x4, auto tranny with 210,000 miles under it. It will start perfectly and idle perfectly, when you try to drive it it has no power, and won't take gas only in one spot maybe 1/4 of the way down but thats it you can floor it and it bogs down and slows down...
  12. 2004 Xterra died all of a sudden

    It Won't Start!!!
    When I got home from work, I backed around to park. When I put it in park it died on me as if I cut off the engine. I tried 2 or 3 times to start it. It will crank, but won't start. I thought it could be my knock sensor, cause that was the code it gave me when the check engine light came on, but...
  13. VG33E First Post...Long Story. Cranks but doesnt Fire

    It Won't Start!!!
    Full disclosure...this is a 2000 VG33E frontier(125,000 miles), I've found more helpful information here while researching than elsewhere so I'm posting here. My truck died at idle while waiting for road construction at the bottom of a mountain pass...far from cell service. After it had died it...
  14. 2000 Xterra 4x4 - Cranks, no start - HELP

    It Won't Start!!!
    Aghhh. Want to pull some teeth out at this point. Been searching the forums and trying various fixes and there my truck sits.. dead in the driveway. Background: I was driving along at 65 when the truck died in highway traffic. Scary! Pulled over and the truck was idling, but no power under...
  15. Distributor and timing issues

    Repair Questions
    Hi, all: I'll try to make this as condense as possible. I have a 2000 xterra 3.3L, and while looking under the hood I happened to notice the support housing for my distributor (part number 22178) had a cross-threaded screw hole that was making the bolt that holds down the distributor a bit...
  16. Distributor Bearing Replacement and timing catastrophe.

    Repair Questions
    You read the title. I replaced the bearing in the distributor, and when I cranked the x (2004), it was running really shitty. Rather than stop while I was ahead I kept fiddling with the rotor to try and adjust it to make it go right. No bueno, now it's super fucked up. Sorry for being an idiot...
  17. Distributor/Rotor

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    Anyone have a recommendation on which distributor and rotor to use when replacing them? I'm replacing mine for the first time. Any tricks?
  18. Distributor / throttle sensor

    Repair Questions
    I changed my distributor out this week and to get to the bolt I had to remove the throttle sensor. When I put my car into drive or reverse my rpms jump up to 3500 rpms but when driving my rpms won't go past 2000. Car starts fine rpms at about 700.
  19. Distributor Help!

    New Member Introductions
    Is there a forum or thread out there with a detailed explanation on how to replace my distributor 2002 X 3.3L
  20. Has trouble starting but runs perfect

    It Won't Start!!!
    Over the past couple of months my 2001 3.3 X has experienced intermittent starting issues but runs perfect once started. The battery is fine and I'll turn the key to the "on" position and leave it there for several seconds before full ignition. I figure by doing so, the fuel pump has time to...