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  1. '03 won't turn over, acc works just fine

    It Won't Start!!!
    Good morning! I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death but I'm stumped. For some reason, my Xterra decided that it didn't want to turn over. Turned the key to start it, and nothing happened. All of the accessories (lights, radio, heater, etc) turned on and functioned fully but she...
  2. fuel problem?

    It Won't Start!!!
    2001 X 3.3 cranks strong but no start. Has nice blue spark. When I spray starting fluid into the intake, it fires up. What should I replace? When I turn the key, I can hear something hum from behind me. I am guessing this might be the fuel pump. Any help is greatly appreciated. - Todd...
  3. 2004 Xterra Crank but no Spark

    Repair Questions
    My 2004 X has been pretty reliable up until now, it has 156k miles on it and is my daily. My problems started when I noticed I was getting a rough idle and the drive was terrible and at a red light my car would stall and die if not just hang around 200rpm. I figure i'd take it to a shop since my...
  4. Wierd Starting Issue

    Repair Questions
    Greetings all, Quick question, Ive got an intermediate problem getting my 2K Xterra started. Sometimes it cranks normally, others I'll turn the key and nothing: No clicks, no warning, nothing. That battery is good (no dim lights or anything and fairly new) and the clock has never been reset...
  5. Intermittently Won't Crank

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have a 2003 XE 4x4 manual transmission. Several months ago I went to start it after work one night and all I got was a single click under the hood. The lights and radio all came on still. The next day it started a couple times but then did it again later that next day. Within about 3 days it...
  6. Won't Start: No Ignition - HELP!

    It Won't Start!!!
    I hate to admit it, but the X wouldn't start for the first time today. (other than battery) The battery terminals are clean and it has never had a better connection. I checked ALL of the fuses and they're fine. I turn the key and the starter turns and cranks the engine over but there's no...