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  1. Repair Questions
    I need this part however I am not paying anywhere near $30 dollars for it period. Anyone have any idea what size this hose is so I can try and match/cut one that's generic to fit.
  2. Repair Questions
    Been driving the X a lot less lately since I got a company vehicle, and today it started up rough for only a few seconds. Figured it wasn’t an issue, but noticed on the way back from the store that the temperature gauge was staying near cold, and the fluctuations weren’t characteristic of a...
  3. Repair Questions
    hey everyone, wondering if this stuff on the surface of my coolant in the radiator should be of concern. It’s been there for a while and hasn’t accumulated anymore in the past weeks since I last noticed it. Just checking fluid levels and what not and noticed it and figured it could be an early...
  4. Repair Questions
    Hi there, I received "misfire on cylinder 1" codes and took it in and found out that a cracked spark plug coil on cylinder 1 was the cause. This is the second time this has happened in approx 2.5 years. They also found several coolant leaks and I am getting a couple of codes stating that my...
  5. Repair Questions
    2004 Xt, 127k miles About 3 years ago I did the full water pump/thermostat/timing belt and cam/crankshaft seals overhaul when my thermostat went bad. It was a step up for me compared to anything...
  6. Repair Questions
    Curious, now with more poll! Post if replacement was due to failure as well--would be good for current and future owners for one more data point on a failure/leave-you-stranded item.
  7. Repair Questions
    My wife took the rig into the shop this morning at they told her that she needed to get a coolant flush done, and they wanted to charge her about $200. The car runs smoothly and has never overheated. How can they tell if it's time to do an engine flush? If it is time, I'd love to save myself...
  8. Repair Questions
    Hi All, I think I've already found my answer here in other threads but I want to double check something. I'm in the middle of replacing my radiator (before I experience the autotrans-killing ATF/coolant 'intermix' kiss of death). Only now did I look more carefully at the Nissan factory...
  9. Repair Questions
    This chalky-white residue has been building up on my hold-down bracket for some months now. I used a wire-bristle brush to remove it last week, and it seems to have accumulated again. It doesn't appear to be corrosion, because the painted metal on the bracket is still intact. The coolant...
  10. Repair Questions
    Hey Folks, It looks like I'll be replacing my Head Gasket. I'll also change the timing belt, spark plugs along with a coolant flush. What else should I look at doing while replacing the head gasket ?
  11. Repair Questions
    My '01 with 150k has a small coolant leak and I'm not sure where it is coming from. The highest point that I can tell the leak is dripping onto is the alternator and oil filter. Anyone have an idea about the location of the leak?
  12. Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    Hey guys. I'm following the Haynes repair manual to flush my coolant system and have a question. I was able to drain the radiator using the radiator drain plug. But then I couldn't find the engine block drain plugs. I have a 2004 X and it says there are two. Are they underneath the block or...
  13. General Discussions
    So I'm going to flush and fill the coolant. Has anyone used an additive? Do you notice a difference in engine temps? Anyone really checked it with a scan gauge or temp sensor?
  14. General Discussions
    I recently purchased a 2001 Automatic Xterra SE (xtreme). Since I bought it (2 months ago) there has been a smell that resembles burning coolant. I'm not leaking coolant but every 100 miles or so I need to add about a cup of coolant in the resevuar. ... my biggest fear was a cracked Head Gasket...
  15. Repair Questions
    This is my first post as a new member, I appreciate any help. I recently purchased a 2001 Automatic Xterra SE (xtreme). Since I bought it (2 months ago) there has been a smell that resembles burning coolant. I'm not leaking coolant but every 100 miles or so I need to replace about a cup of...
1-15 of 15 Results