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  1. Replacing A/C Compressor

    Repair Questions
    My compressor seized up (pulley spins when the clutch isn't engaged but won't when it is) so I am going to replace it, along with the following parts: Condenser Accumulater Pressure Switch Expansion Valve I have two questions: - Once I replace those, do I still need to flush out the hoses and...
  2. Slipping Compressor Clutch

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys; I'm looking for some guidance on my AC problem. About a week ago, I was driving 9 hours back to the city where my house is, when one of my belts started squealing for a few seconds. I pulled over, just to check it out, and it appeared it had been slipping over my compressor pulley...
  3. Can I change a Compressor?

    Repair Questions
    Friend who has the same '04 xterra as me got a $650 estimate from a mechanic to replace their compressor so they asked me if I could do it for them instead. I've done quite a few things on my X (timing belt, valve cover gaskets, radiator, starter, etc) but I honestly don't even know where the...
  4. AC hose repair in the future, or major leak repai.

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have posted on this before, butt it seems not to be seen sometimes. A lot of you seem to replace your A/C hose's and not pull a vacuam and just dump a unknown quantity of 134a back into the system. Now I am in the A/C refrigeration business, so I have the pleasure to doing this stuff...
  5. A/C Compressor always engaging (even when A/C button is off)

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a new member and a new Xterra owner. I recently purchased a 2003 Xterra SE and I love it so far. I snagged it with 86k miles on it, which I consider pretty low for being 10 years old. It seems to be in really great shape, but I've been having random questions pop into my head as...
  6. AC on/off on/off????

    Repair Questions
    Hello, new guy here. I have a '00 Xterra SE. With the AC controls on, the fans would blow, but the compressor would sometimes come on then cycle back off. Mostly stays off. I had a recover/recharge done, while also having the pressure switch on top of the dryer replaced to see if that was...
  7. Air Conditioning Problem

    Repair Questions
    The high pressure AC hose blew on my 2003 Xterra. I had it replaced and recharged last month. Now after maybe 5 minutes of engine warmup, the compressor kicks off and on about every 5 seconds. The fan is running and everything electrical works fine. This compressor on/off cycling is only a...