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  1. Help with codes: P0420 and P0300

    Repair Questions
    Hi there, I have a 2008 xterra, off-road, manual 6-speed, with about 194,000 km. I purchased it in March and the seller showed me the new cats he'd installed, as well as O2 sensors. I was getting a P0420 code lately and figured it was likely the downstream O2 sensor, which I am about to...
  2. P0328 & P0127 codes will I pass Smog in California ?

    Repair Questions
    My Check Engine light has been on for a while, and I finally bought a tester and found out I've got P0328 and P0127 error codes. I'm wondering if I can pass a Smog test in California with these error codes, or if I need to get them fiexed. The P0328 sensor seems a bit difficult to repair, so I...
  3. Random Stalls and Surges

    Repair Questions
    Hello Everyone First-timer here. Unfortunately I'm in need of some assistance. I've got a 2003 Xterra that's been giving me some trouble lately. Problem started a couple of days ago. While driving the car normally it suddenly stopped. I was able to restart it but it turned off again 60...
  4. 2003 Xterra with headers throwing P1163 and P1143 since I got headers

    Repair Questions
    These codes won't go away. I have had them since February. I am getting horrible gas milage because of the codes. I am not hoping for AMAZING gas milage, I just want normal. I had my mechanic put the headers on when he did my timing belt and everything that goes along with it back in February...
  5. SES light! Need help!

    Repair Questions
    Hey every one so I was on here researching engine codes I have a 2007 Xterra with 88,xxx miles. I got the codes, but I just don't know where to go from here, the research Ive done all says o2 sensor but i just wanted to bring it up here and see what you all had to say. Any advice on what i...
  6. Replaced sensors-Still runs rough light back on

    Repair Questions
    So I replaced the Ks and CPS b/c the codes were up and engine was running rough. Engine ran good for about half hour then it got warm and started running rough again. So we turned it off, clean MAF sensor and still no joy. Now this morning service engine light is back on this morning. WTF is...
  7. Code throwin, not on the sticky'd code list... plz help.

    Repair Questions
    P0445 or 445 P0445, the guy at AZ was bein a dick... but anyways, i have that code, my KS code of course, and my IAT code {which will be taken care of shortly} and my SES light is on. Heres what I THINK it is, actually im pretty dang sure... so i bought the x from my mom, and she told me when...
  8. '02 Xterra SES Codes P0303 P0340

    Repair Questions
    2002 Xterra XE, 3.3L, 4x4 Last 4 months w/ bad miss-firing & engine running rough... very random, at idle, on highway - esp. ~ 60+mph - car is bucking... very intermittent fine for a while then bad.. worse on hills, used to be able to fight through it driving RPMs up, but worse now... SES...