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  1. 2.4L 2WD Clutch Replacement

    Repair Questions
    Hello all, I’m looking for some helpful insight on replacing the clutch on my 2004 Nissan Xterra 2.4L 2WD. What I’ve done so far: Pulled the drivetrain out. Removed shifter from the top. Disconnected Slave. Unplugged wiring harnesses from transmission. Removed crossmember bar. Problems I’ve...
  2. Clutch Problems

    Repair Questions
    So, I'm new to the forums, second X. New ones a 2012 Pro 4X. I'm looking for someone in the Denver area who would like some free beers in exchange to answer/help with some repair questions regarding a clutch replacement, specific tools, tricks, tips etc. Down to compensate if someone wanted to...
  3. How Hard is it to Replace the Transmission Seals?

    Repair Questions
    Hi All, I just recently replaced the clutch in my 2000 Xterra. It was a PITA to get it out and back in, but it's working great now...well....except for the fact that transmission fluid is now leaking out at the front where it connects to the engine. Sooooo....I'm assuming that in the removal...
  4. Slave Cylinder Issue

    Repair Questions
    Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I have a 2002 X 4x4 with with 3.3 liter and a manual trans. I bought it about a year ago. since then it has chowed through 5 Clutch slave cylinders. I've tried different brands, different retailers, and even different driving methods. I grew up on a...
  5. Upgrade towing capacity

    Performance Mods
    Hey guys/gals. So I recently overtowed the heck out of the Xterra. I pulled probably about 7000lbs in my Manual V6 Non-SC 03 4x4 Xterra and I think I found the reason why the towing capacity on the Manuals is only 3000lbs instead of 5000lbs like the Automatics. The clutch. The engine did...
  6. Slipping Compressor Clutch

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys; I'm looking for some guidance on my AC problem. About a week ago, I was driving 9 hours back to the city where my house is, when one of my belts started squealing for a few seconds. I pulled over, just to check it out, and it appeared it had been slipping over my compressor pulley...
  7. OEM 3.3L clutch manufacturer?

    Repair Questions
    Hi folks, I can't seem to find a definite answer on this. Does anyone know who manufactures the Xterras clutch for Nissan (on the first gen)? Mine started slipping today :( and I am trying to decide on a kit from RockAudo from Exedy or Valeo or the Nissan OEM parts from CourtesyParts. Also it...
  8. 1st Gen Clutch Spring and Bushing Replacement Guide!

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    If you want to print this write-up or save it to your computer, click here for a PDF version. This may not apply to 4-cylinder Xterras. If someone knows for sure, let me know and I'll edit. Hi folks. I recently bought a 2000 Xterra V6 and the clutch pedal was very noisy. The clutch assist...
  9. Any performance clutch suggestions? I've burnt mine

    Offroad Drivetrain
    Yup, i've burnt it again after 80000 miles. I don't want to stick with the OEM clutch coz its so weak. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated Thank you all
  10. Altrom clutch parts?

    Repair Questions
    sorry to re-post but i made a mistake and posted this in completely the wrong section. At 105000 abusive miles my 2005 off road is down to the last 1/4" of Clutch. My mechanic quoted me 1200 for labor and a clutch kit from Altrom. The price seemed a little high, and what little I've found about...
  11. Altrom clutch parts?

    FAQ/Common Questions
    At 105000 abusive miles my 2005 off road is down to the last 1/4" of Clutch. My mechanic quoted me 1200 for labor and a clutch kit from Altrom. The price seemed a little high, and what little I've found about Altrom is positive, but i wouldn't mind learning more. Thanks
  12. Clutch Override!?

    Modification Questions
    Has anyone done a clutch override on a 1st gen? Im thinking about doing one.....
  13. 2002 SE 4WD manual - difficult to engage 1st/R from stop

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, About 6 months ago I shifted late and blew 1st gear so the truck went in to a transmission specialist for the repair - the clutch was changed at the same time. Since then I started having trouble engaging 1st and reverse gears when at a stop. If I engage 1st 0.5 seconds before coming...
  14. Clutch problems!? Again!

    Repair Questions
    So about a year ago I replaced the clutch in my 05 xterra. It had around 95,000 on it not to low but Ive had a clutch last 220,000+ in my 96 Audi A4. Anyway I know they replaced the slave cylinder but I am not sure about the master cylinder? So the clutch started to slip a little a couple weeks...
  15. I can smell clutch in traffic.

    Repair Questions
    I am not sure where this smell is coming from but everytime I drive about over an hour in stop and go traffic I can smell clutch or hot tranny fluid, I drive an 07 Xterra automatic. I have no issues when I am driving on the highway for extended periods of time. I am trying to figure out what...
  16. shot transmission

    Repair Questions
    ok so my X has only 76k miles on it and my transmission is f'ed. Not sure y but I need some sugesstions for the repairs. My mec has said that the cluth for sure is gone and need a new one. He can get oem for $200 but I was looking on at there centerforce one and two and was...
  17. Transmission Reinstall

    Repair Questions
    Hey Guys, I am doing the clutch in an 02 Xterra SE 4X4. I've got the new clutch in and everything has gone great until now. I've jacked up the transmission and have it up against the engine flush on the bottom and within 2" at the top of the bell housing. I'm 99% sure that the spline shaft is...
  18. Clutch noise 2002 Xterra SC

    Repair Questions
    Hey folks, I've had my 2002 Xterra SC about a month now. It has 92,000 miles. In the last week it has started making a whiny groan with the clutch pedal depressed while shifting from 1st to 2nd and when I'm sitting a light in 1st. It also seems to groan more when the truck is cold, but that...
  19. Clutch Reppacement: Boulder,CO

    Repair Questions
    Hello All, The clutch on my 02 sc'd X has just begun to slip and I was wondering if anyone in the area had a reccommendation for a good shop in the Boulder area to do the job. I'm also pretty mechanical, have all tools, and air, but haven't done a clutch before and am wondering if it's...
  20. Clutch Problems

    Repair Questions
    Hey fellow xterra owners, I have a 2005 manual nissan xterra off road edition and recently it has been knocking alot. It happens pretty often but then i can push in my clutch and it will stop. Im not sure what it is. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but everytime i get out of my...