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  1. Clutch and Brake pedal soft.

    Repair Questions
    Just had to replace a few of the metal brake lines on my 08. I bleed the air out, or so I thought. Brake pedal is still soft but now the clutch pedal loses pressure and goes to floor when I pump the brakes. Have to pull it back up. Does good for a few pumps then loses pressure again and have to...
  2. 1st Gen Clutch Spring and Bushing Replacement Guide!

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    If you want to print this write-up or save it to your computer, click here for a PDF version. This may not apply to 4-cylinder Xterras. If someone knows for sure, let me know and I'll edit. Hi folks. I recently bought a 2000 Xterra V6 and the clutch pedal was very noisy. The clutch assist...
  3. Clutch Pedal Binding

    Repair Questions
    Alright guy's I've scoured the forums and google for possible solutions to my problem. I have a 2000 Xterra 2wd 5spd. The dang clutch pedal started binding recently. Pretty much right after it turned 102K miles.. go figure. Symptom: Press clutch down, have to pretty much mash it to the floor...
  4. Clutch Problems

    Repair Questions
    Hey fellow xterra owners, I have a 2005 manual nissan xterra off road edition and recently it has been knocking alot. It happens pretty often but then i can push in my clutch and it will stop. Im not sure what it is. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but everytime i get out of my...