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check engine light

  1. X started up fine and just turned off ,then check engine light came on.?

    Repair Questions
    So about week ago i got a tune up . the mechanic is guy i just met seem well educated about his work. So all i asked was to change plugs thats it Midas and everybody else was gonna charge me up to $450 2.5 hours labor and 6 plugs. So Larry we will call him say oh you will need a gasket for the...
  2. Help me

    Repair Questions
    Okay, so for the last 6mo (maybe) my check engine light has come on, gone off, came back on and so on. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get the code read its always my cat bank 2. I have replaced the back 2 cats, had the code reset, changed the O2 sensor, recently had a tune up (spark plugs changed and fuel...
  3. Check Engine Light Won't Work

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys. I'm having a little issue with my X. My check engine light does not work. I purchased it in Oct '11 and it has never worked. I scanned it with my scan tool when I got it and no codes were stored. However I checked it again a few weeks ago and now it has a code. I've already fixed...
  4. 2002 Xterra from SF Bay Area.

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    Hi, Ive had my xterra for 2yrs now. Ive taken it all over on and off road. I was visiting the site since I cant figure out why my check engine light is on. The OBD2 code reads Knock sensor ( High bank) and Misfire (multiple). Ive read on other forums that the knock sensor by itself would not...