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  1. My 2011 Pro-4x Spacecraft

    My 2011 Pro-4x Spacecraft

    I dont know what to say. This is my 2nd X and i love it as much as i did my 01 SE. I miss my sunroof but i love this interior! Paint is getting weird cracks in it, though. Any ideas to fix it without spending thousands on paintjob are appeciated. Never Ever wanted black. Wanted that sweet...
  2. Am I AAAALLLL Alone...?

    General Discussions
    Is anyone besides me n Roger in the El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM area? Does anyone use a dedicated, or combined stereo/cd/anything else, gps system anymore?What about red interior lighting or night vision? A H.U.D? Or am i just too old school n geeky that i don’t want to use my phone? Same for...
  3. Where to put CB, post pics and ideas.

    General Discussions
    Im trying to think of where I want to put my cb. I don't want it mounted on my dash and im a somewhat big guy so i cant put it where its gonna take up leg room. What would you guys recommend for a Cobra Pro520xl Compact 40 Ch? Thanks.
  4. CB Questions?

    Alright so I know some people who have put a CB Radio in their trucks. I've got some questions about them, if anyone can help me answer some I would really appreciate it! 1. What is the point? I mean what all does it do, I think it would be cool and handy to be able to listen to weather and...
  5. Resource: Cobra 75wx cable clamp

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Some of you may have seen my build thread in which I made a custom clamshell to clamp the end of the CB cable where it attaches to the handset. I decided to move part of that "how to" out here to make it visible as it is applicable to all gens. I've finalized the design for printing. If you...
  6. Cobra 75WXST - Like new!

    Parts For Sale
    I have a Cobra 75WXST that is in like new condition. I installed it and used it twice. Once to test it after tuning my antenna, and one on the trail. It works amazingly, even with my cheap magnet mounted antenna. The Cobra 75WXST is a great little CB radio and I love mine. I have mine mounted...
  7. Mounting a Cobra 29lx on top of dash ?

    i just bought a cobra 29lx and she's in the mail. it has a fairly large LCD screen and i dont want hide that, plus it has the 4 color displace to match my reverse glow gauges. blue ! ha anyway, i would like some input from you guys on mounting ideas. some said use 3m double sided tape, but with...
  8. CB radio

    Interior Mods
    Hey so this is what I would like to do I have a 02 x and want to put in a single DIN head unit but also put a single DIN CB radio in as well. Most of the mounting brackets for a head unit only have the room for the one unit. If anyone has done this or if you all have any suggestions I would...
  9. CB antenna question

    I have a cobra 19DX IV and I'm wondering if I need a specific type or hight of antenna. I see lots of people running Firestiks... Is this because they are better quality or just because they look good?
  10. CB install 2000-2001 indash

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Ok so this is my CB install I did in the dash of my 2001 Xterra. This will work on the Gen 1 Xterra's but no other.. First you must pull the plastic ring off from the radio.. This is very easy because there is only two screws at the bottom of the ring. As you can see the two holes at the...
  11. General CB Radio Questions

    So I've been doing some research on CB's because at Rausch I was bummed that I was one of the few in group 2 that didn't have one. What features should I be looking for in a CB radio? Is anything a must have? I've been comparing the box-type to the mic-only ones. Are there any downsides with...
  12. MonsterBandit's CB install

    ok so im catching up with some mods that happened while i was here it is...this work was not done by myself it was out-sourced to Imagine Audio in Cherry Hill, NJ...i know prop points goes down but i wasnt confident enough to do it myself (besides if they f'd up my headliner it was on...