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  1. 4Sale: Roof Plastic & Mud Flaps (2002)

    Parts For Sale
    Since it would be impractical to mail this stuff, I thought I'd post it for sale here in the regional section. From my 2002 Xterra, I have these for sale: *The two plastic parts from the roof: NISSAN front piece and the cargo carrier *Four Mud Flaps In Radford, VA 24141. This stuff has the...
  2. swing out tire carrier latch

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    does anyone here know where I can go in alberta, preferably in the Edmonton area, where I can go to buy a toggle latch clamp? I have been searching and calling places forever now and cannot find one!!! Please help!!!
  3. Kayak Carrier Questions

    GoodDay to you all, I'm looking for a solid kayak rack that can hold two kayaks. I only ride about 2-3 times a year and often I'm in a canoe and don't need a rack for that so I'm looking for something either used or more affordable than a new Thule/Yakima "J-rack" for $150-$180each (totaling...