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  1. Car doesn't exceed 20mph

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I was wondering if there was a simple way of manually getting my service engine light error code on a 2001 Nissan XTerra. : D thanks. My Car doesn't surpass 20 mph, and I went to AAP and they told me is was the MAF. I changed it and still same problem proceeds. Maybe its the Knock sensor? i...
  2. help me about K/S

    Repair Questions
    Hi guys, i recently took my 2001 Xterra to AAP, and they told me that i had a problem with my knock sensor, and that i had to replace it. If ANYONE HAS any photos of the process to change the knock sensor. I understand its under the intake mani but I need to make sure where, how, it looks and...
  3. Roadtrip Indiana Tennessee

    Southeast Forum
    I've spontaneously decided to make a short solo weekend trip to Tennessee this weekend. Tentatively, leave Friday around noon and come back Sunday night. I plan on camping in the back of my X and bringing groceries with me to cook my own meals. I'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible. I...
  4. 2003 Xterra won't turn over - Please help!

    Repair Questions
    I was in the process of installing a remote start system in my 2003 Xterra and I went to start my car to probe for a wire and the car cranks but will not turn over. I have not yet connected any parts of the remote starter, I've just braided the wires into the ignition harness. The only thing...