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  1. Headlight on 08' Xterra Flickers and seems like a connection issue *HELP

    Repair Questions
    Hello, I have an 08' Xterra and the right headlight goes on and off sometimes. The left one is fine. When I pop the hood and put some slight pressure on the headlight socket it will turn on but go off every time I hit a bump. Tried clearing everything of dirt and debris and even tape the...
  2. led brake light bulbs dont work

    Exterior Lighting
    so i just bought led brake lights from ebay... i checked to make sure they went in correctly. they are 3157s i think. but for some reason, they wont work. at all. not with running lights, brakes depressed, anything. do i need a thing to put on my fuse or something? the fuse is good... the normal...
  3. Quickie Bulb Guide for Gen2 Xterras

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    just a little something I put together ;)
  4. headlight bulb harness

    Repair Questions
    hey everyone i need some help.I have a 04 Xterra. I replaced my factory headlight bulb harness with a different harness. Now when i turn my headlights on i get one on low and the other on high beam. I think it is because i wired the harness incorrectly. The harness wires go Red/white, Red/black...