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  1. Brush Guard Bottom brackets

    Repair Questions
    So, a family member decided to rear end a Chevy Express the other day, taking the bottom brackets to the grille guard with it. I have the "999T4-KN000" brush guard for a 2002 SE/SC Xterra, does anyone by chance know if there's someplace that sells the (removable) bottom mounting brackets? The...
  2. Bolts/Bolt Kit for 2002 Xterra Metal Brush Guard

    FAQ/Common Questions
    I bought mine at an auction. The brush guard came with it... inside the cab. I have had this for 3 years and I'm ready to put it on or pay my neighbor who would probably do it for $20 or less... cheap good labor. However, I don't know how many bolts to get or what size. Does anyone know the...
  3. Bumper/ top rail mod, Ideas for lift

    Exterior Mods
    Back a few months ago I decided to black out my bumpers and side trim and top rails with bed liner. Before After This was really my first mod of many hopefully. I've been wanting to add a brush guard and maybe a leveling kit. If I can pull off a PML that would probably be the best...
  4. Brush guard/cooler and fishing rod holder

    Modification Questions
    So I'm trying to hunt down a brush guard for my 03' xterra that also has the option for a cooler and rod holder. Does anyone know if these even exist? If so where can I find such a product?
  5. Front Tow Points? 2002 Xterra

    General Discussions
    Ok, so this is my first thread! This past summer I purchased my very own 2002, 5 speed Xterra. I have already added a brush guard, taillight guards, and a trailer hitch. However, now with the b-guard on the front where the tow hooks went, I'm not sure where I can tow from. I saw that there...
  6. Brush Guard Question??

    Exterior Mods
    I have an 01 Xterra...I'm looking to get a brush guard and I found one, but I need to know if it would fit. It came off a 02 Pathfinder. Anyone know if it would fit? Also, found another one that came off a 98 Frontier, would that one fit also? Heres the link to the page...