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brake light

  1. 3rd Brake Light (1st Gen)

    Repair Questions
    HELP! I need to pass my Mass Inspection today, just got my xterra finally after waiting and realized the 3rd brake light doesn't work.. replaced all 3 bulbs still nothing. checked the fuse box under the driver side and in engine compartment nothing, all fuses work.. wiring issue...
  2. Nissan Xterra Brake Light on (not basic)

    Repair Questions
    First note- It is not low brake fluid and it has nothing to do with an in cab button gone bad or not sensing brake pedal is released Problem: My wifes 2004 Nissan xterra brake light on the dash is always on. It has been on for several years. She said that back then they had it fixed several...
  3. brake n battery light

    Repair Questions
    since i went muding the other night, nearly everytime i start up my ride the brake and battery lights come on. after making a left turn though, both lights go off. im most confused. the brake one makes sence and ill check my fluid later, but the battery light? once the light goes off the...
  4. 2008 model - new alternator? Already?!

    Repair Questions
    Please bare with me you guys, I'm new to the whole forum thing, but am desperate to hear comments from fellow X-terra owners. I am an extremely concerned X-terra owner with an even more concerned bank account. I bought my 2008 X-terra (base model. . .I believe that is the X?) brand new back in...
  5. Battery and Brake light

    Repair Questions
    So after the rain from TS Hanna came through here I decided to go get the X dirty. Well this hole had already wreaked havoc on a S-10 that is now dead in the water and has already been towed away. So I figure what the hey I'll break my truck too. Well I went through a few times no problem. Drove...