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  1. Black plastics on white Xterra

    Modification Questions
    My plastic trim is extremely faded (blame the AZ sun) and I am thinking on painting it black (instead of original dark grey). Does anybody know how a WHITE '02 X looks with black trim? (good pics would be nice) Also, what is the best paint to use? I heard that Krylon Fusion Flat Black works...
  2. Is this website a good idea ?

    Community Help
    i found the cheapest ARB bumper on the web so far with a disscount coupon. here's the web.. is this a reputable place and/or can anyone give me some website that have cheap ARB bumpers for 2003...
  3. NJ 2003 X XE 4x4 $8,800.00

    everythings on here!
  4. Super Black group name

    Off Topic Talk
    We already have the Stormtroopers, Blues Brothers, Green Monsters, and War Machines, But we've yet to settle on a group name for the Super Black Xterras. I personally don't care to be associated with the hate group known as the Black Panthers, so I submit the following two names: The Dark...
  5. How to: Herculined rocker panels

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have gotten quite a few pm's about this so I decided a little write up would help. If you have step rails/sliders and can take them off easily, DO IT! They just get in the way. This a very easy project to do, you just have to realize that once you start, there's NO TURNING BACK! Time to...
  6. Painted my Roof Rack

    Exterior Mods
    Got a little bored sitting at home while I had Vertigo (dizziness) and slowly but surely painted it. I used Krylon Fusion for the plastic parts and reg Krylon for the metals, Satin black for both. I also sanded down the bars w/ 1000 grit sand paper just to smooth them out and get any left over...
  7. Paint and or powder coat factory rims

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    Hey everyone, Just put some new Toyo A/Ts on my Xterra. I have the facatory 2000 rims and Im on a major budget now. I thought it might look good to paint the rims black. Anyone ever done it? Any tips on what I should do? Shoot me some pictures Id love to see them...
  8. Herculiner Hood Blackout

    Exterior Mods
    Been thinking about blacking out the hood for quite some time now, but never got around to it, til this past weekend. Had some Herculiner left over from the can I bought for the rear cargo space, so I decided to go ahead and use what was left on the hood. Oh and I also made a shovel mount...
  9. My fifth gear

    General Discussions
    when im going 60mph im at like 3000 rpm is that normal?
  10. my "black Beauty" X

    Member's Xterras
    here are some pics of my all black xterra
  11. New Guy - 2010 Black OR-X

    New Member Introductions
    350Z to 2010 Black OR-X Hello there guys and girls! My name is Dino and I've been lurking the site under a different user name for about a week. I currently own a yellow on black 2005 Nissan 350Z Grand Touring Roadster which will be traded in tomorrow morning for a brand new 2010 Off-Road X...