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  1. Member Rides
    Well I wanted the club to give me their comments, thanks for the feedback or and how many stars would you give it. Ps , It can be bought, now for a discount and savings.
  2. Member's Xterras
    So this is my build thread. I have owned the xterra for a few years now and have lurked like crazy around here but never got about to joining. So here I am. This community has been a lifesaver on so many projects and I just wanted to show everyone what I have done, as well as be able to...
  3. Member's Xterras
    -OPERATOR: Jonny -CODENAME: Blackout -LOCATIONS: Lexington, KY -YEAR: 2004 -MODEL: SC (Supercharged) -INSPIRATION: Casper, Skatchkins, Carlton McMillan, eXpeditionXterra, ChrisHaynes, Oz -GOAL: To make it Off-Road Capable when need-be, but primarily for over landing and expeditions. THE...
1-3 of 3 Results