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  1. squealing serpentine belt - just replaced.

    Repair Questions
    Hi all, Just purchased an '06 Xterra with 150,000 commuter/highway miles on it. I love it and it drives like a dream, it needs a new caddy converter which I'm having replaced next week, other than that its been great and had all new brakes put in just before I bought it. Lately it's been...
  2. Dealer recommends: brakes and belts

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    Hey all- I went in today to get the steering column recall done on my '04 X. The guy said that my front brakes pads were down to 1mm and that some of the engine belts were looking cracked and worn. I need your opinion on these two things. For reference, I'm at 71k miles. First, the belts- I...
  3. Serpentine Belt Busted?

    Repair Questions
    How are you doing guys and gals? On my 2006 X the serpentine belt broke while my wife was driving. I looked through the forums looking for any threads and can't find anything for the 2nd gen. I know that on the 1st gens there are 2 drive belts, but when I called the dealership they said that it...
  4. WOOT WOOT Sound from Front of Engine

    Repair Questions
    I have just finished replacing the heads on my 2000 3.3 X, got her started up and have chased down and fixed my minor goofs. Car started up and runs fine, but for a strange "WOOT WOOT WOOT" coming from the lower half of the front of the engine. It's pretty low pitched as opposed to a squeak or...
  5. Serpintine Belt Noise ??

    Repair Questions
    Hi there, 2006 xterra,Purchased back in may 18,000 mi., developed belt noise 2 weeks after purchase, changed to new belt and tensioner, good for another 2weeks, noise came back ?? checked pulley alignment noticed power steering pulley about an 1/8 inch out, no problem to it to work...