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  1. Balance and vibration issue. Lift kit advice.

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    So I've made the car look nice and clean from interior to exterior for the most part. Now i want to make it drive perfect and do a 2'' to a 3'' lift. My issue right now is the car vibrates a little when i hit 50+mph. I've seen a couple youtube vids on what it might be but i just care for someone...
  2. New tires, balanced, and aligned but steering wheel still shakin'

    Repair Questions
    -05 Xterra SE -47k miles -Just changed sepentine belt and belt tensioner Hello, I just got new tires put on my '05 Xterra. The steering wheel had noticeable vibration after the tires were replaced so I took my car back to the auto shop. They balanced the wheels again which decreased the...