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  1. 2004 Nissan Xterra for Sale ! Low low miles

    Vehicles For Sale
    For Sale!! 004 Nissan Xterra. White Low miles ( 82,000) New Bridgestone tires Tow hitch New registration Roof rack Rear wheel drive Original owner Clean title No accidents I love this truck. So solid, reliable. Sad to sell, but I bought a van and can’t afford two cars. $6800.00. Serious...
  2. Purchase help

    General Discussions
    I have always wanted an Xterra but was a tool and bought an RX8 instead. I have no sold it and am able to purchase a 200k (km) 2002 supercharged for 3k (from a family friend hence the cheap price). It has been gently driven and the family are lovely. Has been treated as a soccer mom car. I dont...
  3. Automatic Wont Shift Gears

    Repair Questions
    I just recently took my 04 Xterra through a ORV park where I high centered in the middle of this deep water hole. I was able to keep it running the entire time, but I did end up getting about 7 inches of water into the passenger side flooding my interior. The Problem I am now facing is that it...
  4. Intermittent grinding/buzzing up front.

    Repair Questions
    Hello everyone, I'm a proud new owner of a 2004 XE v6 Automatic 4-speed that kinda fell into my lap while looking for an older beater for my wife. To be clear the Xterra is MINE. I am a avid fan of all things driven on wheels with motors and do as much mechanical work by myself as my current...
  5. automatic transmission misses shift to third

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2004 xterra AT 4wD 3.3 and the transmission always misses third gear from a standing start. After the engine revs, let off the accelerator and it will pick up third and shift normally from there. Go back from a standing start and it will do it again. If I put the selector in second...
  6. Manual or Auto for highway driving?

    General Discussions
    So I'm looking at buying a 2006+ Xterra, and there's a 2006 standard transmission 6-speed for sale that looks nice. Question: Will the 6-speed manual cruise nicer than the 5-speed automatic at highway (75 mph) speeds? A.k.a. Automatic owners, what RPM are you at when going 75 mph? Manual...
  7. 2002 automatic transmission replacement

    Repair Questions
    Good Morning Kids! My first post and I need some help! I need to replace the automatic transmission in my 2002 Nissan Xterra 4X4 supercharged, what transmissions can I replace it with? a Frontier,Pathfinder? Thanks!!!
  8. Need maintenance advice

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys just bought an 04 xe 4x4 automatic and need some advice on what the first things I should do maintenance wise. It has 90k miles and I'm gonna focus on the timing belt down the road. It's in great condition bought it from private owners for 7500(great deal). The plastic hasn't even faded...
  9. I can smell clutch in traffic.

    Repair Questions
    I am not sure where this smell is coming from but everytime I drive about over an hour in stop and go traffic I can smell clutch or hot tranny fluid, I drive an 07 Xterra automatic. I have no issues when I am driving on the highway for extended periods of time. I am trying to figure out what...
  10. FOR SALE 2007 Nissan Xterra 4x4 4.0L S

    I have for sale a 2007 Nissan Xterra Automatic Silver with Gray Cloth Interior. 80,000 miles on it. Its completely stock the tires are fairly new they have 7,000 miles on them. Its the S model power windows power locks, cd player, manual seats, I dont have pictures of it yet cause I still need...