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  1. Vehicles For Sale
    I have just spent the past 3 weekends preparing the vehicle for sale by performing a bunch of maintenance. Unfortunately for me it seems the driver’s side head gasket blew internally right after I finished everything :crying:. It starts and runs fine with no check engine light or misfires, but...
  2. Body Armor
    So far I've heard nothing but good things about Shrockworks. They are pricey, but I love the look of their products and if I have to fork over $1k for a good bumper that I'll love as long as I have my X then I will. Just wondering if I should be aware of any risks before purchasing something...
  3. Parts For Sale
    FS/FT 1st gen Armor shrockworks and calmini Hello all, long time no chat. Anyways, i have been looking into trading the Xterra and have decided there is no trade in value for the Shrockworks skids and Calmini sliders I have on my truck. I am selling the Gen 1 front skid, the Tcase skid, and the...
  4. West Forum
    hey guys! So it's occurred to me after browsing the forum for the last 8 months that literally probably half of the really BIG names on CX live right here in CO. Here's the deal. I'm a NOOB kid with limited cash, a strong back, level head, lead right foot and a heavy desire to destroy trails...
  5. Body Armor
    Got these from TNX and figured I would share them. I tried attaching the files but it says they are too large. But anyways, here ya go. Here's where you can get the pdfs
  6. Body Armor
    Thought I might just make a thread on the project... Here's where Im at so far... These will go on in front of the front and rear doors.. the rear ones are a bit smaller At a slight angle Passenger side Caught on fire.. standard. Im about ready to weld... little more clean up...
  7. Body Armor
    hey guys, i new to this site but ive been browesing through it before. im Jason from Northern NJ. i own a 2003 xterra SE supercharged. this is my first SUV. before i get into my question i just want to say this website is great from all the info i read on it, so thanks to those who provide that...
  8. Body Armor
    I am looking at Shrockworks and Hefty Fabworks for a set of sliders. I am torn between which ones to go with. Does anyone have a set on their vehicle they can testify about, or does anyone know of another brand that they like better. Just need a little feedback because I can't decide what I want.
  9. Body Armor
    Post up pictures of your rear bumper with tire carrier. I didn't see a thread for rear bumper pics. Mods feel free to delete if this thread exists.
  10. Body Armor
    I have a new 2010 Xterra offroad and looking for some Rock Sliders. From everyhing I have read these are preferred over step rails for stength and clearance. I have read some about SHROCKWORKS sliders and curious what everyone thinks the best sliders are? THANKS!
1-10 of 10 Results