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    Finally, got 'em done! Now I wait for my windows to shatter. Here is the Bill of Materials, without the prices: 2 10" MTX TS 55's (Im for tight bass) 1800 Watt RMS Kenwood Amp Kicker Wiring System Alright now for the pictures ya'll: Pictured above is the fuse, nearest the battery. The...
  2. Building iPad 2 into dashboard console

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    I bought myself an iPad 2 and I want to build it into the radio console area, yes, i will havE to move the actual radio deck itself somewhere else, but im willing to, anyone have any advice for me? Its greatly appreciated! Happy Xing! ZK ------------------------------------------------ My ex...
  3. Apple vs PC

    Off Topic Talk
    Im looking to buy a new computer... Me and my wife both have PC laptops..5 years old... Im about to head back to school.. and Im thinking a iMac. This time Im looking for a tower this time.. Can you Apple users give me the low down on the iMacs and any PC users give me the latest PC. My...
  4. Iphone 3g S

    Off Topic Talk
    Anyone else want to get one of the new Iphones? I've been holding out on buying the Iphone until the new version came out and finally the time has come. I plan on selling my ipod (won't need it), gps (iphone has gps built in), and car stereo to get it. The phone is $200 or $300 but the data...