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air conditioning problem


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    So I bought my first gen x terra an 00 in the winter I didn't worry about the ac so much, and now out here in AZ we are almost reaching 120 degrees outside.... The lady I bought it from said she had something to do with electrical on the ac by everything looks stock and untouched by a shorty...
  2. New from Idaho

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    Hi, I have a 2003 Xterra and I am the original owner. I am a mom of a son who is almost 12. I was thinking now is probably a good time to start teaching him how to do some maintenance on cars. I am pretty mechanically inclined and have fixed things around the house (dryer without heat...
  3. New Xterra owner in Rochester, NY

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    Hey guys, my name is Zac, and I just bought a 2010 Xterra on Monday. I found this site as I was poking around online looking for complaints from other Xterra owners. The truck only has 24k miles on it but I noticed when I bought it that the A/C was very weak. They assured me that it just needed...
  4. HELP! A/C blows hot air- recharge did not help!

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    2004 X - 115k 2WD SE My A/C worked fine when I bought the car 6 months ago. Over time it has blown hotter and hotter, and now it's just like a heater instead of cold air! I have a trip coming up this weekend and I need my A/C back asap!! I was told to recharge the system, okay.. So I got a...
  5. Easy to recharge a/c?

    Repair Questions
    Ever since I bought my '00 X, cold air would not blow out when i have the a/c on. I had a friend of mine who's a mechanic look at it, and he said the compressor clutch is engaging and it probably just needs to be recharged. I asked the usual shop that I go to how much it would cost and they...