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  1. Modification Questions
    We all know the X has famously horrible gas milage. I've read some decent accounts of people improving their milage via after-market products. My questions: 1. what parts of my X are effecting my milage. (my knowledge is limited to the obvious) 2. what are the most effective products out...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello world! Not really sure how this intro goes but my name is Chase, I live in the Portland-metro area of Oregon. I got my 2004 X se v6 4x4 last June and I absolutely love it, especially coming from an older BMW. I used to come a crossed this site a lot searching for mods/parts and have since...
  3. Interior Mods
    So im putting a system in my X. Ive got everything wired up except the head unit. I wired it up and i got power but nothing through the speakers. I followed the diagram that i got with it but it didnt work. Im using a metra wire harness for a 2005 nissan xterra. Ive rewired the speaker wires...
  4. Exterior Lighting
    I'm eventually going to get some aftermarket driving lights (lightforce or Hellas) and I'm curious how people have theirs mounted. I want mine somewhere between the headlights but I'm not sure if the plastic would be sturdy enough?? Is there an aftermarket light bar for the xterra??
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey, so I'm new to the V6 game (always driving big 8s) and wanted to know if anyone knew of a company that makes a turbo for a 2000 Xterra 3.3L ive seen everybody with their stock supercharged Xterras and wanna know if anyone has boosted a stock naturally aspirated Xterra!? -Jake
  6. General Discussions
    Anyone know what size the stock door speaker sizes are on the 2010 x? I'm getting varied facts from many sources even Crutchfield and I'd like to know from some one who's actually peeled back the door panels front and back and looked inside. Also wondering if anyone's changed out the dash...
  7. Performance Mods
    Hi there, I've had my X-Terra for 2 years now and I still love it, but im in the need of 'supping it up a bit just to get more power and thrill out of it... Does anyone have any tips on what kind of aftermarket parts I should install on it to make it faster, more powerful, etc...? All other...
  8. Exterior Lighting
    ok so i have a brush guard on my x and i just mounted 2 more lights to the middle of the brush guard and i plan on wiring them to the factory fog lights all i want to know is what color are the positive and negative wires coming from the fog lights im sure this is probably answered in another...
1-8 of 8 Results