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  1. A/C Pressure Sensors - Compressor Only Works When Jumped

    Repair Questions
    Hello all, I can't get my AC compressor in my 04 to turn on at any fan speed setting. It only turns on when I manually short circuit it - so I know the compressor/clutch is still engaging and in good shape. With the compressor jumped on, the freon is at normal operating levels. Thinking it has...

    Repair Questions
    So I bought my first gen x terra an 00 in the winter I didn't worry about the ac so much, and now out here in AZ we are almost reaching 120 degrees outside.... The lady I bought it from said she had something to do with electrical on the ac by everything looks stock and untouched by a shorty...
  3. 2002 Xterra A/C recirculate/mode door motor

    Repair Questions
    The actuator motor for the recirculate door in my 2002 Xterra is constantly running, But it's not actually doing anything. I think something inside the motor assembly is broken. I'm trying to figure out if i have to remove the dash to replace it, Or if there is enough wiggle room to get this...
  4. Replacing A/C Compressor

    Repair Questions
    My compressor seized up (pulley spins when the clutch isn't engaged but won't when it is) so I am going to replace it, along with the following parts: Condenser Accumulater Pressure Switch Expansion Valve I have two questions: - Once I replace those, do I still need to flush out the hoses and...
  5. A/C not working until on full blast

    Repair Questions
    So my 01 Xterra is a hand me down from my mother and I'm trying to fix everything up with it. Especially, since I recently had a car accident and spent almost 700 dollars in repair. The A/C doesn't seem to work unless I put it all the on 4. But I absolutely HATE DOING THAT. The Xterra loses so...
  6. Heater/AC fan not blowing air

    Repair Questions
    Hello, So i have a 2002 Xterra SE SC 4X4 the heater/ac fan is not blowing any air. This started about a year ago with it blowing 90% of the time then slowly over time not working at all. When the heat is on, it does get hot and the a/c it gets cold but there is no air actually blowing. I do...
  7. Max A/C Fan Speed

    Repair Questions
    I just purchased a 2009 Xterra. On every other car I've owned the Max A/C button sets the fan speed to Hi+1. On my X the fan speed does not increase when I press the Max button. The light on the switch comes on and the recirculate light comes on but the fan speed doesn't change. The A/C is...
  8. Strange Overheating Behavior

    Repair Questions
    Back in June, my A/C went out and I did not get it fixed due to the expense. At that time, any time I had the A/C running, the engine temperature would indicate it was overheating. The shop I took it to removed the A/C belt and basically just said "don't use it", and I haven't. Fast forward to...
  9. A/C Compressor always engaging (even when A/C button is off)

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a new member and a new Xterra owner. I recently purchased a 2003 Xterra SE and I love it so far. I snagged it with 86k miles on it, which I consider pretty low for being 10 years old. It seems to be in really great shape, but I've been having random questions pop into my head as...
  10. Leaky A/C hose

    Repair Questions
    a few days ago, i got a bunch of lights flashing on my dash, and all the electrical shut down. took it into the school shop to find out that the A/C hose leaked all over the alternator. im trying to track down a replacement hose, but im not sure if i need the discharge, or suction line. any help...
  11. A/C on, recirc and temp control not working

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2005 SE and the lights on my A/C controls are not lighting up and buttons arent working. I cannot get it to blow cold or hot air. Blower works fine, I just have no control over temperature. This started after doing a bunch of work with aftermarket stereo. Specifically, wiring my...
  12. 02 Stock Climate control w/ rear defrost

    Parts For Sale
    I ordered this part thinking mine was bad as I got into it i discovered rear defrost switch had just come loose so I no longer need this part. They are going for about $70 - $75 on eBay. Will sell this for $50 for local pickup or will ship if you cover shipping cost.
  13. New Xterra owner in Rochester, NY

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, my name is Zac, and I just bought a 2010 Xterra on Monday. I found this site as I was poking around online looking for complaints from other Xterra owners. The truck only has 24k miles on it but I noticed when I bought it that the A/C was very weak. They assured me that it just needed...
  14. WTB: A/C condenser for 2000

    I punctured mine and need a new (but used) one. A new new one is too expensive. Will trade for rear sway bar or stock running boards (both from a 2000). Or let me know how much you want for it. This Guy
  15. A/C High line replacement

    Repair Questions
    So my high line has a dye all over the place and blows hot air. I bought the replacement line and a new drier. I have a 2002 SE Supercharger, and although the line only has two bolts, there is a bunch of junk on top of the line that I'm wondering if I need to remove? Also, do I need...
  16. I got a new A/C line and what?

    Repair Questions
    so in posting and reading numerous threads, I have the parts I need. Now, I can't seem to get an answer from anyone on how to apply vacuum to the system while replacing these parts, what to use for vacuum, or where to apply the vacuum.... So, with that said, can I replace the line and drier and...
  17. Leaking A/C line

    Repair Questions
    I've had a small leak somewhere in the line for a while now. I recharged the system and it worked for about 3 months...then I recharged it again, and it only lasted 2 weeks. Now I can visually see it leaking, and have noticed where the leak is. It appears to be the hose that attaches to the...
  18. Fan only works on #4 speed... Suggestions?

    Repair Questions
    Hey All, So here's the deal, my AC/Heat only starts blowing when I turn the dial all the way to #4. My first thought was that it's the switch/dial, BUT when I have the AC button depressed and turn it from 0 to 1, 2 or 3 the green light comes on - meaning that it sensed the switch was turned, or...
  19. a/c problems

    Repair Questions
    I am having a problem with my 05 xterra a/c. This problem exists both on the a/c and defrost . On low speed the a/c light is on but the blower motor is not spinning at all. On all 3 of the other speeds the a/c light shuts off but the blower motors operates correctly. I've read all the other...
  20. Blower motor resistor

    Repair Questions
    My heat/ac isn't working on 1 or 2, but 3 and 4 work just fine. I know the problem/fix, just have to swap out the blower motor resistor (about $25 at AutoZone, maybe cheaper elsewhere). Had the same exact problem on my 2001 Sentra, thought it might have been the switch so I replaced that too...