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a/c not cold


    Repair Questions
    So I bought my first gen x terra an 00 in the winter I didn't worry about the ac so much, and now out here in AZ we are almost reaching 120 degrees outside.... The lady I bought it from said she had something to do with electrical on the ac by everything looks stock and untouched by a shorty...
  2. Clicking Sound when I drive/turn A/C heater also not working

    Repair Questions
    I hear a clicking sound under the front of my car sometimes when I'm driving, definitely when I'm turning. Any ideas??? Also, my air conditioning system and heater isn't working. It turns on, but stops blowing cold air or hot air. I also hear the compressor working and feels like it takes a lot...
  3. Overheating with the A/C on & while idling

    Repair Questions
    Hi everyone, I've got an 05' 4X4 Xterra S and it's been fantastic until today. I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my family and noticed that the A/C was getting warmer, and I smelled coolant. I popped the hood and noticed coolant coming from the little hose just to the left of the...
  4. HELP! A/C blows hot air- recharge did not help!

    Repair Questions
    2004 X - 115k 2WD SE My A/C worked fine when I bought the car 6 months ago. Over time it has blown hotter and hotter, and now it's just like a heater instead of cold air! I have a trip coming up this weekend and I need my A/C back asap!! I was told to recharge the system, okay.. So I got a...
  5. Easy to recharge a/c?

    Repair Questions
    Ever since I bought my '00 X, cold air would not blow out when i have the a/c on. I had a friend of mine who's a mechanic look at it, and he said the compressor clutch is engaging and it probably just needs to be recharged. I asked the usual shop that I go to how much it would cost and they...