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  1. 2001 Xterra XE 113k Mass

    Vehicles For Sale
    Very much a stock car so a great canvas for those who want to put the money into it. I loved the truck but I really need to move into something better on gas for my long trips. It has stock leather seats which I have yet to see on any other one of these and really low miles so she's got a lot of...
  2. 2005 Xterra 4WD, V6, Texas

    Vehicles For Sale
    4.0 V6 Color: Maroon 181,000 miles on truck, 65K on refurbished LKQ engine installed July 2013 (3 yr, 100,000 mile warranty expired) Tint applied professionally Hitch included Wiring for 7 pin trailer connection installed but not routed through (see pic) Sony stereo/CD player + remote 17" rims...
  3. 4wd Linkage issue?

    Repair Questions
    Hey Guys, New on here and first post. I've used this site a lot since buying my '00 X back in November of last year, but I've finally given up looking for answers and decided to ask. I've got a 00' X, MT 4x4. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get the TCase into 4L. I know the...
  4. WANTED: 4wd Manual Xterra

    Vehicles For Sale
    I'm relatively new to this site/cars, so bear with me. I'm looking to get a new vehicle so I can stop using my mum's old Ford Ranger. I'm interested in purchasing a Nissan Xterra, obviously. Here's what I have in mind: 4WD Manual Transmission Model somewhere between 2001-2005, inclusive...
  5. AWD / Fulltime 4wd Xterra?

    General Discussions
    Hey guys, totally new here and just started looking for my future X. Forgive the naive questions, but here goes: Is there an AWD / Fulltime 4wd model? Or is there only part-time 4wd models? Do they all come in manual? What is the Pro-4x, is that the one with the rear locker? Even if you...
  6. Rattle in reverse, 4wd issue?

    Repair Questions
    Ok so I just bought my '02 SE a week ago w/ 118k miles on it. When I test drove it I didn't really test the 4wd, mainly because at the time I didn't know I had to push down on the lever to engage 4-lo and 4-hi worked for me. Anyways today I was playing around with it to make sure it did in fact...
  7. new to the xterra game!!! HELP!!

    New Member Introductions
    how's it going everyone? I'm new to the xterra game and had a few questions? 1) when shifting from 2wd to 4 hi how do I do it exactly? in the owners manual it says to stop and put in the ebrake and stuff do I have to be in park? neutral? how do I do it step by step? I don't want any dumb answers...
  8. howdy all

    New Member Introductions
    We just got a black 200 Xterra manual/4WD SE (6-cylinder/3.3-litre). I was brought up on four 1960s VW bugs, a 1959 Volvo PV544 3-speed, and two Porsches, so, after driving a Dodge Caravan automatic for the past year, this is great! We are looking into finding a reputable HHO kit to add 50%+...
  9. AaronsX 2000 Xterra SE Build Page

    Member's Xterras
    So before I purchased my Xterra a heep got me into the hole offroading thing. -Inline V4 5 speed manual -2" Suspension + 2" Body Lift -33x12.5"s -Dynomax Exhaust System Then I purchased my 100% Stock 2000 Xterra SE 4x2 It has ~141k miles MODS TO DATE: Interior: -Kenwood Aftermarket deck...
  10. hub clicking -- about to die?

    Repair Questions
    Afternoon, I put the truck in 4HI and then 4LO and then back to 2HI. Everything appeared to be fine and by the book. I reversed to disengage the hubs and felt the bumps as the hubs appeared to disengage. I then started driving forward, which was accompanied by a loud clicking noise from my...
  11. 2004 Xterra - 2WD/4WD Questions

    General Discussions
    Quick background - I previously owned a 95' Pathfinder and upgraded to a 2004 Xterra this past July. I live in the Cleveland area (snow belt) and have recently been reading up on 4WD as a result of the massive snow we have been hit with. I found your forum by googling around and it looks like...
  12. 4wd problem, feels like I'm driving with square tires

    Offroad Drivetrain
    So a few days ago I popped the X into 4wd and it felt like I was driving with square tires. After I got home I jacked it up and found that the Passenger side CV Axle boot was ripped open and rubbing against the frame. It seems as if the passenger side got pushed forward toward the front of the...
  13. Changing the 2006 rear brake Pads(4WD)

    Repair Questions
    Hi, Is there anyone on here who can tell me where i can get the step by step instructions on replacing the rear brake pads on a 2006 Xterra 4WD? I have searched and cannot find any details on how to do it, and what I need, if there is someone who can help me that would be great BC i really...
  14. newbie shifting question

    General Discussions
    Hey ya'll. Moved out to Arizona from Chicago. Traded in my toyota matrix for a automatic 2010 OR Xterra. WooHoo... now i'm a newbie with a 4x4 vehicle. So.. sorry for any repetition of questions in advance. Question: once in 4Hi and going back to 2wd, should the hubs automatically disengage...
  15. Nobody knows the t-case model?????

    Offroad Drivetrain
    Somebody help a noob. 2nd Gen, manual trans. What's the model #, name, etc. of the transfer case? I've only been a member for a week, but I've posted this question in several categories. I can't believe nobody has an answer yet.
  16. Tell me about the 4wd system.

    Offroad Drivetrain
    Hi everyone, I'm brand new here and to Nissans in general, so go easy on me. I just purchased a 2007 Xterra S with manual tranny. I have extensive knowledge about Jeep 4wd systems, but I don't know anything about what the Xterra has, except that it's a part time system with high and low...
  17. 4WD do's and don'ts?

    General Discussions
    I have an 05 4x4 automatic with the 4WD interior control knob. I am curious when and how are the best and worst ways to use my 4WD. I live in the snow and have left my 4x4 hi on a majority of the winter. However when I go on the highway I change it to 2WD weather permitting. Supposedly you...