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  1. 2nd gen mudguards (FREE!)

    Parts For Sale
    Looking to unload the mudguards from my 2nd gen. I just don't want them to go to waste, so they're yours for free if you want them (just pay shipping from Burnaby, BC). I also have one of the fender thingies from the driver's side that goes in front of the rear wheel (see pic). Passenger...
  2. intake mod on 2nd gen

    Modification Questions
    hey all, i have an 06X i want to help her breath a little better and get more power. i found this thread from a few years back and its for a 1st gen. wondering if it would be the same for a 2nd gen? i dont wanna get into it and realize its not gonna work for me...
  3. 06 ride quality

    Street Suspension
    i have an 06 xterra that i have had for about a year now. i am not sure if the shocks are somewhat knew but i was wondering if i am the only one that thinks the 2nd gen xterras go out of the way to make sure you feel every bump. it is driving me insane and i dont know what to do about it. i...
  4. New speakers in 06 xterra

    Interior Mods
    i have already installed a pioneer 3200bt touchscreen in my xterra and it sounded great for a while but the speakers are starting to sound like crap. so.. i was trying to decide between polk audio 6x9s or infinity 6x9s. or if someone has any other suggestions i am open to try new brands. i am...
  5. 2nd Gen Slider build

    Body Armor
    Thought I might just make a thread on the project... Here's where Im at so far... These will go on in front of the front and rear doors.. the rear ones are a bit smaller At a slight angle Passenger side Caught on fire.. standard. Im about ready to weld... little more clean up...
  6. GPD605X 2nd Gen Build Thread (Pic Heavy of Course)

    Member's Xterras
    Figured I might as well make a new build thread for my 2nd gen. Traded the 1st Gen in for it. Its a 2005 X SE 4x4. It already had 2" spacers on the front when I bought it so I don't know which brand they are. It came w/ 285/70R17's and the retard who had it before me decided not to get an...
  7. Xterra Rock Sliders

    Body Armor
    I have a new 2010 Xterra offroad and looking for some Rock Sliders. From everyhing I have read these are preferred over step rails for stength and clearance. I have read some about SHROCKWORKS sliders and curious what everyone thinks the best sliders are? THANKS!
  8. a couple minor problems with my new 2nd gen xterra.

    Repair Questions
    1) the latch that the hood connects to so it stays down squeaks whenever i hit a small bump, i bought silicone lubricant and sprayed it throughout and it didnt work... i am positive this is the area of squakyness because my dad and i walked around the car while i shook it and we found the exact...
  9. Should I buy this 07 Off Road? And why are there running boards on it?

    General Discussions
    I'm looking at buying a 2nd Gen, I have a 2000 SE that i'll most likely be selling to a friend at work. Here is the Add, I've emailed the guy and he is helpful/has sent other pictures i will include. He's flexible on the price. Here is the link. He said the majority of the miles were commute...
  10. ARB bull bar on my 2009 OR

    Body Armor
    An opportunity presented itself thanks to someone I met in one of our local clubs, and I ended up spending two days down at ARB with Marc and Chris while they test fit one of their new ARB bull bars to the front of my X. It was an amazing process to watch as I hovered...
  11. Test Driving the 2nd Gen. Xterra

    New Member Introductions
    So I am new to this forum but have been around VW/Audi forums since I was 16 (now I am 21). I have been in a VW for 5 years and need an SUV. So I am looking at the 2005+ Xterra. I am going to look at the first one on the list tomorrow. It is a 2006 S 4x4 6spd, the only down fall is it has lots...