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  1. Repair Questions
    Hi How do I bleed the ABS module on my 2012 Xterra. Is there a way to do it without a pro scan tool? My Brake pedal is sinking and have already replaced the master cylinder. No ABS or check engine light. Thank You
  2. Repair Questions
    I tried locating the fuse for the hazard lights but cannot locate it. Does anyone know the specific label for the fuse?
  3. It Won't Start!!!
    Hey all, As soon as the weather breaks here in Alaska im gonna try to get my Xterra back on the road. Im no mechanic but im not inapt with machinery. I'm pretty much starting from scratch on knowledge so i may need directions to find details. I rear ended an old pickup truck doing maybe...
  4. General Discussions
    My 2004 XTerra was made for California emissions standard (I'm in NY), which means catalytic is built into exhaust manifold and it's extremely expensive to replace. I suspect there are other differences as well, like a more sensitive O2 sensor. I'm shopping for a newer XTerra (2010-2015), I...
  5. Repair Questions
    This seems to be a common problem. Best description I've seen is like you're riding a bike, coasting, then start to pedal again. Happens most often around 30-35 mph. Coasting like on a slight decline, then accelerating and get the clunk or ca-chunk sound. It is not a continuous sound, just...
  6. ICE - In Car Entertainment
    What are my options? Do I have any? The cover plate over the radio also covers the HVAC controls. I really want an AUX port,.. is there a way to add one to this radio? Thanks in advance. I did search, but couldn't find anything with this specific radio.
  7. Modification Questions
    I just got a new 2012 Midnight Armor Xterra and I have my touchscreen deck from my old X, I want to put my touchscreen stereo deck in because: 1) its pointless to have it sitting around 2) radio transmitters suck in general..... Has anyone found a way to put the deck in because the faceplate...
  8. Modification Questions
    I just bought a 2012 Xterra X trim and it didn't come with fog lights. I'm wondering how I should go about adding them. Are the spots prewired behind the covers? I'm also thinking of lifting it. I was thinking 2-4". Any advice is appreciated.
1-8 of 8 Results