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  1. First upgrades

    Exterior Mods
    I just got a stock 2010 and I'm looking to slowly stars adding upgrades to it. I'm hoping to find some recommendations for roof baskets and possible ladder combos as my starting point. I'm looking for something sturdy that will hold up to some beating. Any price, just has to be high quality if...
  2. Macland's Rig

    Member's Xterras
    Meh, you know where to find me.
  3. Vote for October 2010 XOTM!

    ClubXterra Polls
    1.) Drbandkgb 2.) Vandebogart 3.) Ricer-X 4.) RATTFINK 5.) Xterror04 6.) Baf6 7.) CMD 8.) Drake 9.) Bluex 10.) RacerXXL
  4. New member from down South in Texas!

    New Member Introductions
    hey yall my name is matt and i am a huge Xterra fan I about to get my first X but i need some advice I have 2 options: 1) get a brand new 2010 xterra X 4x4 2) get an older xterra 4x4 I want this car for the purpose of offroading so either way I am going to end up modding it and taking it in...
  5. '10 OR in Seattle

    New Member Introductions
    New here so thought I'd say "hi"! I've been thinking about a new "snow and tow" vehicle for awhile and homed in on the Xterra after a bunch of research on-line and talking to friends. I actually use the truck for fun on and off the pavement so key criteria for me were long-term reliability...
  6. New To The Xterra Family

    New Member Introductions
    I pick up my new 2010 Xterra SE next week. After doing lots of research the Xterra fits my off road, luxury and city needs, better than any other small/mid size SUVs in its class. It has great space (as I'm 6'1), and the best power in its class. MPG isn't great, but remember guys it's a 4.0...
  7. Nominate February 2010 XOTM

    ClubXterra RoTM/RoTY
    So who's it going to be this month? There have been some good pics posted in the past few weeks so this should be a good one. :) Members not eligible for nomination: March 2009 - Bklyn.X April 2009 - Odin May 2009 - AlpineSpirit June 2009 - TN4x4Xterra July 2009 - Tuff August 2009 - Steeze...
  8. Looking at buying new 2009 or 2010 XTerra in greater D.C. area

    Northeast Forum
    Hello all, I am looking at buying an Xterra S, SE, or OFFROAD in the greater D.C. area, and I have a range of questions that I hope the board can help me with: 1) Does any of the trims (S, SE, or OFFROAD) come with the tow package? 2) What is a typical (and best) dealer price for the...
  9. Nominate January 2010 XOTM!

    ClubXterra RoTM/RoTY
    New year, clean slate and tons of new members and pics. So who is going to start off the new year as the face of CX? Let's see what you got! Members not eligible for nomination: Feb 2009 - Drake March 2009 - Bklyn.X April 2009 - Odin May 2009 - AlpineSpirit June 2009 - TN4x4Xterra July 2009...
  10. NOAS 2010 Event Schedule

    Southeast Forum
    Just released this morning. The event coordinator Brian (Houdini) added two new events to the schedule and they are keeping Coal Creek! Yay! Gulches – 26-28 Feb 2010 - Official NOAS Run South Carolina RiverRock – 9-11 April - Unofficial NOAS Run...
  11. New Guy - 2010 Black OR-X

    New Member Introductions
    350Z to 2010 Black OR-X Hello there guys and girls! My name is Dino and I've been lurking the site under a different user name for about a week. I currently own a yellow on black 2005 Nissan 350Z Grand Touring Roadster which will be traded in tomorrow morning for a brand new 2010 Off-Road X...