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  1. Rock light installation complete

    Rock light installation complete

    Finally got around to installing the Rock Lights onto Goliath. So happy with the results.
  2. New Here and Hello!

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought my first Xterra today. It's an '05 S 4x2 with only 48000 miles on it. Found it for 8k hoping I did alright. Looks to be well taken care of. Kinda wish it had more features but in my area for that price finding one with that low of miles was near impossible. I look forward to...
  3. Interchangeable Body Panels/Other Parts

    Repair Questions
    Hey folks, I'm brand new to this forum and fairly new to anything related to working on a car, but being mechanically minded and very poor (full-time college student) I need to find the most cost effective way to take care of my baby (a 2005 xterra that I've had for four years and that has...
  4. Do I need transmission flashed?

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2005 Xterra. Transmission fluid ran low causing transmission to go into limp mode. I put 2 qts. to bring up level now transmission goes into 3rd (limp mode) after 1 minute of driving, shifts fine just before going into limp mode. I can turn off, wait a few seconds, turn on, again...
  5. Manitoba Owner: Looking for Advice-2001 Owner

    Canadian Forum
    Hi there - I'm hoping to hear from Canadian/Manitoba Xterra owners on their experiences with the 2005-2007 Xterra models. I currently drive the yellow 2001 and been happy with it. However, I am in a financial situation where I can trade in the 2001 model for something a bit newer. I have my eye...
  6. 05 Xterra transmission milk shake

    Repair Questions
    Hello all - I've read many other posts, same familiar story, strawberry milkshake fluid in my 05 Xterra. The diagnosis was in May. I have had no choice but to keep driving the vehicle as there was no way I was going to spend >5k, I fully anticipated it would just up and croak on me almost...
  7. Xterra with issues in VA

    New Member Introductions
    Hello friends, I am new here. I live in Alexandria, Va and recently purchased a 2005 Xterra S 4x4. I got a fairly good deal on it, nothing amazing, but I really wanted one and have for a long time. I love it, but 2 days after purchasing it with my wife and I's last penny, I took in in for fluid...
  8. Trailer Right Turn/Stop/Running Lights do not work but 2005 Xterra's does

    Repair Questions
    All, I'm new to the forum (and XTerras) & I've tried searching the Forum for several hours but can't seem to find an answer (some similar situations but no real conclusion for an answer)... Situation (sorry for the long description): I started towing a utility trailer with my girlfirend's...
  9. Alternator Bearings Gone Bad?

    Repair Questions
    Hi guys, I've got an 05 Xterra S 4X4 and for the past few weeks I've had a horribly annoying whine coming from the underside of the engine compartment. You can't hear it while in the vehicle, but outside its pretty bad, especially around the passenger side or while in a drive through. I've...
  10. New to Xterras and love them

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys i just got my first car and its a Silver 2005 Nissan Xterra Off Road edition and I LOVE IT! love the way it looks and feels, but i have not had a chance to take it off road yet. but im new and this is my hello :nick-big:
  11. New Rebuilt Torque Converter 2005 Nissan Xterra

    Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE: Rebuilt Torque Converter 2005 Nissan Xterra I am selling a rebuilt torque converter for a 2005 Nissan Xterra. I purchased this a few weeks ago and later found out that the torque converter was not the problem. It was never placed on my car as it was not needed. I am asking $500 but...
  12. FS New Daystar Lift 2005+ Xterra

    Parts For Sale
    I purchased a Daystar 2" lift a couple years ago for my 2005 Xterra and never got around to installing it. I've since sold the vehicle. It's a 2" front and rear lift. I paid over $400 for it at the time, but based on my research these kits can be had for roughly $150 plush shipping. I'm willing...
  13. 05 Xterra 2WD Offroad

    Vehicles For Sale
    This vehicle is 30 miles west of Houston, Tx. We have owned this 2005 Nissan Xterra for about 5 years. It had 32k miles on it when we purchased it. The only reason for selling is the purchase of a brand new Xterra. It was my wife’s car and averaged 21mpg. The only problems we ever had...
  14. Mac Mini install

    Interior Mods
    I want to install a Mac Mini in my X, but where to put it is the hardest question... I have 5 places to put it so far: under driver footwell, under transmission shift panel (near the gear shift), upper glove box, lower glove box, in trunk side cargo bins. I will have a 7" screen, I will have...
  15. Dirty Dealer???? Santa Monica Nissan

    Repair Questions
    Hello All, New to the forum ... first time poster. I've got a 2005 xterra OR w/ 29,000 miles. I walk to work and ride a motorcycle, so I hardly put any miles on this jewel. I off-road in the Mojave desert from time to time ... but rarely (couple times a year). And, when I do, I take it easy...
  16. I need a radio for 2005 Xterra

    Parts For Sale
    The CD player won't give the CD back, so my wife thinks she needs a new car. She wants another factory radio (w/ CD) or hers fixed. She would take an aftermarket radio if it fit and looked right. I am hoping one of you has replaced your factory stereo with a new cool radio with bells and...
  17. 05 Off Road Problem

    General Discussions
    I am wondering about the suspension on my X. I know it is stiff but if i hit a speed bump or ditch quickly i feel like the rear suspension is hitting the frame. It makes a huge thud that doesn't sound normal. If you guys have any ideas could you please let me know... Thanks B Rood
  18. 4WD do's and don'ts?

    General Discussions
    I have an 05 4x4 automatic with the 4WD interior control knob. I am curious when and how are the best and worst ways to use my 4WD. I live in the snow and have left my 4x4 hi on a majority of the winter. However when I go on the highway I change it to 2WD weather permitting. Supposedly you...
  19. 2005 Dash Rattle?

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and in search of some help... I have an '05 Xterra S 2WD that seems to have developed an odd rattle coming from behind the dash after the truck engine has been shut off. It's a tapping sound that seems as if the A/C system is moving a vent or something. The tapping...