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  1. 1st gen Lower control arm bolt

    Repair Questions
    Hey guy. New to the forum here. 1st gen 2004 NissanXterra Question on the lower control arm bolt that connects to the mount of the T-Bar. I’ve done some searching on threads and know that the bolt can be super stubborn and almost impossible to remove. But I couldn’t find anything on were to...
  2. No Reverse in 2004 4x4 SC

    Repair Questions
    No Reverse in 2004 4x4 SC Transmission: RE4R01a Engine: VG33ER I'm going to be very detailed to help others who may experience this. If you have input, of course I'd like to hear it. Symptoms: Last weekend, I started my vehicle from cold, shifted into reverse to back out of the driveway and...
  3. 2004 Nissan Xterra for Sale ! Low low miles

    Vehicles For Sale
    For Sale!! 004 Nissan Xterra. White Low miles ( 82,000) New Bridgestone tires Tow hitch New registration Roof rack Rear wheel drive Original owner Clean title No accidents I love this truck. So solid, reliable. Sad to sell, but I bought a van and can’t afford two cars. $6800.00. Serious...
  4. On going Tune-Up of vg33e w/ auto 4wd transmission.

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    2004 Xterra 4wd VG33E engine Just shy of 200k Runs fairly well. I have only had it since January. Nonethtless, i have been testing it out. Even after a heavy snow storm, doing some tree clean up work for neighbors up the varyious unplowed hills. A bit under powered. Yet, that was not...
  5. Xterra Noob in AZ

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all. New to the forum (as a member anyways), so I figured I'd start here. Just bought an '04 XE 4x4 with 180K miles on the odo but had a 55K mile JDM engine swap about a month ago. I recently spoke to the mechanic that did the swap and did as detailed of an inspection as I can make (I...
  6. Anyone try a Ebay Radiator support?

    Repair Questions
    Yo, has anyone tried the EBAY radiator support for a 2004 xterra yet? I found one for a very good price that includes shipping costs. It's the whole assembly too, base, sides, top etc...
  7. ECM Replace question

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I have a 2004 xterra, Auto trans, 3.3 N/A. The ECM has died and I am looking for a replacement. My first impulse was just to get one from a junkyard for another '04, AT, 3.3NA, but my mechanic said he thought it would still need to be reprogrammed and recommended that I send mine out to be...
  8. 2004 Xterra Crank but no Spark

    Repair Questions
    My 2004 X has been pretty reliable up until now, it has 156k miles on it and is my daily. My problems started when I noticed I was getting a rough idle and the drive was terrible and at a red light my car would stall and die if not just hang around 200rpm. I figure i'd take it to a shop since my...
  9. 2004 No Crank Lights Work After Replacing Headlight!

    Repair Questions
    Hi - I'm new here so I appreciate any help anyone offers in advance. Earlier this week, the Passenger Side Headlight on my 2004 X 4x4 went out, so to replace it, I had to remove the battery. All went well, there was only a tiny bit of visible corrosion which I cleaned, the headlight worked and...
  10. Spare Sun-visors?

    Repair Questions
    So long story short...I broke one. Lol Anyone have an extra passenger sun-visor lying around for whatever reason? It would be awesome if you had the hook they clamp into too.
  11. 2004 Xterra Bucking on highway / Stalling while idling

    Repair Questions
    So some background - Have a 2004 Xterra with about 153,000 miles on it. Normal maintenance, routine oil changes, one as recently as last Monday. About 10 days about I notice a short "buck" while driving on the highway. Then another. Got home fine, no further issue. I dropped it at the mechanic...
  12. Slipping Compressor Clutch

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys; I'm looking for some guidance on my AC problem. About a week ago, I was driving 9 hours back to the city where my house is, when one of my belts started squealing for a few seconds. I pulled over, just to check it out, and it appeared it had been slipping over my compressor pulley...
  13. Spare Tire to Roof

    Modification Questions
    How do a lot of you mount your spare tire to the stock roof rack? I have been thinking about doing this and was just looking for some ideas and an idea on how expensive it would be. Any ideas help! Thanks guys! *Note: I have a 2004 Xterra and travel at highway speeds often, so it needs to be...
  14. 4 Wheel Drive

    General Discussions
    I own a 2004 xterra and, as many of you with 1st gen xterras know, you have to be going 20-25 mph to shift into 4H. Why is this? Is there any benefit to it? Because it just seems like an annoyance to me. Also, do I have to do this? Or can I shift into 4H going 0 mph like most other offered...
  15. New Hitch!

    Exterior Mods
    Just got a hitch for a rear recovery point! The receiver with a D-ring is coming soon. Quick Question: I do not have the towing package (I don't believe), but I do have the wiring to hook it up to a trailer with brake lights. Where would the connection for the wiring be or how can I make one...
  16. 0.5-1" Rear Lift

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    About 5 months ago I did a 3" suspension lift for the front and a 1.5" (add-a-leaf) for the rear. However, the rear now sits a little too low in comparison to the front. When I measured it, its only about an 1/8th of an inch lower than the front but it just looks off to me. Whats the best way...
  17. Rear Sway Bar

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I have a 2004 and have heard that having a rear sway bar is not necessary for 1st gens. It does nothing on road and can hurt offroad such as: limiting flex, braking the sway bar, braking a shock, or a combination of those. Is this all true? Anyone have a bad experience with this and are their...
  18. Fun in the Mud

    Trip Reports & Photos
    Had a little fun in SoCal after we finally got some rain! Thought I'd share a pic
  19. Body Lift Questions

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Anyone have an example of a body lift gone wrong? Or are they always safe when done right? On an 04 xterra will I need to extend or modify anything, such as the brake line, with a 3" BL? Will 35" tires fit comfortably with a 3" SL plus 3" BL? And any other information or risks that I should be...
  20. Got a 2004 SE, looking to mod it

    Modification Questions
    Just got a 2004 stock Xterra SE, and I'm looking to put some mods on it. Maybe a grille guard, bull bar, xoskel light bar/cage, taillight guards, etc. Already taken off the mudflaps, but looking to get some advice on what's good for some first Internal and external mods, and at a relatively...