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  1. Repair Questions
    In the process of doing a JDM swap on my 2004 XE. Engine and transmission swap, doug thorley headers and 2" body lift.
  2. Repair Questions
    So while waiting for a relay and a new oem horn to come in the mail I continue researching exactly how I should install and ground my new horn. Ordered a new one because when I got my truck it didn't work. Now while doing some research on this particular subject I came across something very...
  3. Repair Questions
    My speedometer needle is the only item on my instrument cluster acting amiss. The car is running fine, tach and temp all working normally, but speedometer needle randomly works, and can be willed into working with some random smacks to the dashboard above it. What am I dealing with here? The...
  4. Repair Questions
    Hey guys! New here! Just bought an 04 supercharged X! Very excited about it! Getting a few things done to it before I take it on a trip and the first thing is gonna be the ball joints and control arm bushings and then an alignment. But im having some trouble finding out what UCA bushing i need...
  5. Modification Questions
    Have you guys heard anything about Coastal Offroad Brand bumpers for first gens? They look pretty good and are a great price, they also boast a 3-10 day ship time. Does anyone have experience with them? Do they live up to their talk?
  6. Repair Questions
    HELP! I need to pass my Mass Inspection today, just got my xterra finally after waiting and realized the 3rd brake light doesn't work.. replaced all 3 bulbs still nothing. checked the fuse box under the driver side and in engine compartment nothing, all fuses work.. wiring issue...
  7. Interior Mods
    Good afternoon folks, new to the forums so excuse me if this topic has been on here dozens of times but after doing some searching I've been having a bit of trouble finding the answer. I'm looking to do the Big 3 upgrade on my 2003 X in the near future and I'm a bit stuck — looking at several...
1-7 of 7 Results